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  1. Eatiquette
    Thank Goodness: Google Patenting Restaurant-Check-Splitting TechnologyIt’s coming to a phone near you, no doubt.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Marc Vetri Says Don’t Shortchange School LunchesThe chef believes that lunchrooms are just as important as classrooms.
  3. School Lunches
    Full-Service Cafeterias Cooking Again at Some Philly Public SchoolsCafeterias at 10 public schools were recently re-staffed and are now cooking meals again.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Marc Vetri Has Something to Say About the Sad State of School Lunch ProgramsThe renowned chef says school lunch programs don’t cut it.
  5. Foodies With Benefits
    Latvian Students Get a Taste of Vetri’s EatiquetteThe program serves meals family style, and facilitates conversation amongst students.
  6. Eatiquette
    Is Your Server Drunk Right Now?And more to the point, does it even matter?
  7. Eatiquette
    JM Curley Bans Douchebags from BarThey also frown upon flatulence and shrieking.
  8. Department of Deportment
    Department of Deportment: Order Wine Any Damn Way You WantDespite what you may have been told, most sommeliers are fine with diners employing a try-before-they-buy method when ordering wine.
  9. Department of Deportment
    Department of Deportment: How to Split a Check, Once and for AllIt should be easy for adults to split a simple dinner bill, but it never is. Grub Street weighs in with the final word.
  10. Funnies
    How Many OpenTable Accounts Do You Have?Shadier folk sign up for multiple accounts under assumed names, but they’d better remember what they all are.
  11. Eatiquette
    How Many Questions Should Your Server Be Able to Answer About Where Your ChickenOr, How Not to Get All ‘Portlandia’ on Your Waiter.
  12. Beef
    That One Jerk in Contra Costa County Has Caused National Outrage Over Tipping inUs to Ed Arnow of the Contra Costa ‘Times’: Look at this mess you started!
  13. Kerfuffles
    Are S.F. Waitstaff Demanding a 25 Percent Tip Standard? Hardly.This “report” from the Contra Costa ‘Times’ is totally made up, if you ask us.
  14. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Mr. Bauer Would Like to Remind You That Texting in Restaurants Is TackyOne of his loyal readers also calls the trend “pretty dismal.”
  15. Eatiquette
    A Little Advice on How to Get Your Server’s Digits
  16. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Thinks San Franciscans Would Tip More If It Weren’t for Healthy S.F.Mr. Bauer once again takes an opportunity to complain about restaurants who still show the Healthy S.F. surcharge on checks.
  17. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Diners at Flour + Water Prop Up iPad, Watch U.S. Open While Eating [Updated]Michael Bauer, for one, voices his grave disapproval.
  18. Eatiquette
    San Francisco Nudists Asked to Please Cover Themselves In RestaurantsA proposed law would require nudists to throw a little something on before deciding to dine.
  19. Tweetiquette
    Hold That Tweet: Seven Things Chefs Should Consider Before Taking to TwitterYour feed should be as good as your food.
  20. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer’s Follow-Up to Controversial Breastfeeding Post Sparks MoreMichael Bauer mused aloud earlier this week about the etiquette of breastfeeding in restaurants, and thus opening the floodgates. In his follow-up yesterday, he offered more thoughts on restaurant etiquette, prying the floodgates open even further.
  21. Funnies
    Behold the Tale of a Successful Twenty-Person Dine-and-DashA birthday girl got stuck with the check and tried to make a run for it.
  22. Deportment
    Scruffy Chic: The New Rules for Dining OutPhoebe Damrosch on why today’s reformed restaurant landscape requires a whole new approach to going out.
  23. Eatiquette
    How Hard Is It to Be Nice to Nasty Restaurant Customers?Incredibly hard, apparently.
  24. Quote of the Day
    Michael Bauer Is Plenty Familiar With What a Coked-Up Server Looks LikeFor the most part, if they can still do their job, he doesn’t object.
  25. Eatiquette
    Del Frisco’s Stakes Claim to Couple With Thank-you NoteFor one couple, a little lovin’ goes a long way.
  26. Blind Items
    Willie Brown Doesn’t Always Tip
  27. No Fair
    Baby Gourmands Eat Better Than You DoNobu, Pastis, Fred’s at Barney’s, Peter Luger …
  28. Eatiquette
    Bostonians Take to Aussie Food … With A Little HelpAustralian food is best enjoyed when following some simple guidelines.
  29. Eatiquette
    How to Subtly Let Servers Know That You’re Kind of a Big DealA seasoned server explains how to showcase a splurge with grace and dignity.
  30. Eatiquette
    Gay Men Offer the Paradigm of Post-Meal MagnanimityThe cultural anthropology of check-splitting, both gay and straight.
  31. Booze You Can Use
    Memo to Cocktail Snobs: Bartenders Are Not Impressed With Your ShenanigansIf you’re thinking about bringing your own homemade bitters to the bar, read on.
  32. Eatiquette
    At Soon-to-Shutter Sensing, Mat Schaffer Experienced the ‘Single RudestSensing’s closing, but not before providing a Herald reviewer with the worst service of his life.
  33. Eatiquette
    Bondir’s Off the Hook…ReallyBondir’s busy, busy, busy.
  34. Funnies
    A Magical Tale of a Woman Clipping Her Toenails at ZuniThis was in 1994, but still.
  35. Eatiquette
    How Do You Feel About Texting at the Table?The S.F. Chronicle critic is once again griping about all the smart phones at dinner.
  36. Eatiquette
    Has a Restaurant Ever Served You Cold Shoulder?A couple of critics are feeling snubbed today.
  37. Rants
    Hoping for the Death of Flash Websites in 2011
  38. Eatiquette
    Ruth Bourdain to Pen Etiquette Column For CHOWThe Twitter celebrity gets some almost mainstream food-world love, in the form of a bi-weekly column.
  39. Eatiquette
    When Check-Paying Goes Awry, Who’s Responsible for Making It Right?We’re having a moral quandary about a bill snafu.
  40. Eatiquette
    More Griping About Tipping“America is one of the last industrialized nations in the world still desperately holding on to it.”
  41. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Hates It When Servers Say ‘Enjoy’It is a little annoying, but what else are they gonna say?
  42. Locavores
    Are You a Fair-Weather Foodie?Grist gets a little too hardcore about being responsible eaters.
  43. Eatiquette
    When Eating in a Restaurant Is EvilThe would-be Koran-burning pastor has a rule against them, and in Algeria, ten men were arrested for eating at one.
  44. The Other Critics
    Ryan Sutton Is Latest Critic to Get Fed UpWith everything from noise levels to hidden omakase fees.
  45. Eatiquette
    Fun With Pig Heads“They will actually put the skin on their face.”
  46. Eatiquette
    Is Your Table Delayed? Try Smashing Lights With Your ShoesYou could also try ripping up the reservation book!
  47. Eatiquette
    Le Cirque Has (Literally) Gone to the DogsMarco Maccioni lets his mutt dine at the bar, but what about yours?
  48. Eatiquette
    Have You Ever Experienced Restaurant Rage?A trio of McDonald’s and Olive Garden customers sure did.
  49. Eatiquette
    Should Food Writers Out the Names of Restaurants That Make Them Sick?Or that serve them insects and plastic bits?
  50. Beef
    Should Willie Brown Always Get the VIP Treatment?There will always be VIPs who get tables faster than you.
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