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  1. Disasters
    Wine Losses From Northern California Quake Will Likely Total MillionsSome wine producers lost dozens of barrels, while others lost just a few bottles.
  2. Oenofile
    Chile’s Grapes Still on Vines After EarthquakeChile’s 2010 vintage is largely safe on vines and was not spilled.
  3. Funnies
    Put Together ‘The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit’From Humphry Slocombe’s bacon peanut brittle to 4505 Meats’ Chicharrones, a few non-perishables you might want for your ‘go bag.’
  4. Cleanup
    Eureka Restaurants Survive Earthquake With Minor DamageSaturday’s quake caused most of Eureka’s restaurants to close for the night, but mostly because of the power outage.