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Eagle Tavern

  1. Reopnings
    The Eagle Reopens Sunday, March 3 [Updated]It’s the first Sunday funday event at the place since 2011.
  2. Bars
    Eagle Tavern to Host Folsom Sunday FundraiserThe fundraiser will be in the parking lot across the street, however, and not in the bar.
  3. Bars
    Eagle Tavern to Hopefully Reopen By Halloween, With Some of the Old AmbianceThe ‘Guardian’ speaks with the new gay owners.
  4. Kerfuffles
    Eagle Tavern to Remain the Eagle Tavern, and Gay [Updated]Apparently a new lease has been signed.
  5. Real Estate
    Controversial Eagle Tavern Replacement May Get NixedThe new partners aren’t happy about paying rent while the city delays their liquor license.
  6. Kerfuffles
    Eagle Tavern Replacement Delayed as Activists Successfully Stall Liquor LicenseLGBT activists successfully lobbied the Board of Supervisors not to approve the liquor license for a group of new (straight) owners.
  7. Kerfuffles
    Exclusive: Eagle Tavern May Become Upscale Restaurant and Bar From ForeignExpect some protest at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting next week surrounding the proposed replacement for the beloved SoMa gay bar.
  8. Real Estate
    The Eagle, Scrubbed Of Its Leather and License Plates, Up for LeaseA photo surfaces of a sterile, remodeled interior of the legendary SoMa bar.
  9. Closings
    Eagle Tavern Closes, But It Might Have Been an ‘Inside Job’ and MayDid the owner purposely try to sell his lease to a straight bar in order to cut down on competition for his other bar in the neighborhood?
  10. Bars
    Eagle Tavern to Remain Open At Least Through May, or for a Handful More BeerThey’ll be open through May, and possibly all summer…
  11. Mediavore
    A.G. Ferrari Won’t Close Any S.F. Stores; Denny’s Tries to Get
  12. Endangered
    Skylark Owners Looking to Take Eagle Tavern?; Eagle Supporters Rally at CityThere may not be any way to stop the place from closing, but a group of supporters are going to try anyway.
  13. Endangered
    30-Year-Old Eagle Tavern May Shutter as Property Owner Refuses a Sale to BarThough a community effort has begin, saving the place seems unlikely unless the landlord agreed to a new sale.