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Dushan Zaric

  1. The Push to End Bartender BurnoutThe job can take a massive toll on the body. Now a team of experts wants to help bartenders live better while working longer.
  2. Gettin’ Tips
    Dating Advice From Dushan Zaric, Joe Campanale, and Other Booze Professionals
  3. Bookshelf
    Employees Only Duo Will Reveal Speakeasy SecretsIn a new book.
  4. Money Money Money
    How Much Does a Mixologist Make?More than you think.
  5. Branding
    Employees Only for LifeThe owners of Employees Only have matching tats.
  6. Cocktails
    Zaric and Kosmas Hug It Out in New ‘Cocktailian Calendar’Also immortalized this year: Charlotte Voisey, the mixologist whose $32 Eldridge cocktail recently got an “eh.”
  7. NewsFeed
    Employees Only Aims for That Forties Feel in Their New RestaurantWord got out on a bulletin board the other day that Employees Only was acquiring the old Marylou’s space on 21 West 9th Street near Sixth Avenue. EO bartender and co-owner Jason Kosmas tells us more: “It’s going to be much more of a restaurant than a bar. Think of the difference between Lucky Strike and Balthazar.”
  8. Eatiquette
    Strictly for the Ladies: How to Meet Men in RestaurantsJason Kosmas, the suave, mustached bartender and part owner of Employees Only, just published, with Dushan Zaric, You Didn’t Hear It From Us, a woman’s guide to meeting men in bars. Think of it as a companion to Dave Zinczenko’s Men, Love and Sex: The Complete User Guide For Women. Curious about the phenomenon of dudes counseling ladies in matters of romance, we challenged Kosmas to find ways for women to link up with guys in restaurants. Here, in his own words, is what he came up with. (The opinions expressed belong solely to Mr. Kosmas. Grub Street cannot guarantee that you will meet a man or men in a restaurant after reading this advice.)