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  1. Dude Food
    It’s Turducken Time Once More at 4505 Meats
  2. Video Feed
    Video: Eddie Huang Does a Mini Burrito Tour of the Mission, and Then Heads toHe says the burrito at La Taqueria doesn’t quite do it for him.
  3. Dude Food
    Welcome to the New Age of Dude FoodThis Bud’s for you, brah.
  4. Bookshelf
    Meat Is for Pussies Tries to Sell Meatheads on MeatlessnessA new book will “jump-start your metabolism and kick your libido into overdrive.”
  5. Rants
    Ozersky: It’s Good to Be a Dude in FoodConsider it a counterpoint to Amanda Cohen contemplating industry sexism.