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  1. nice try
    Domino’s Customer Gets Pizza Order Offering MDMA, Cocaine, and ‘Much More’Unsurprisingly, the person who delivered that pizza is under police investigation.
  2. health concerns
    U.N. Calls Antibiotics in Food a Health Crisis on Par With AIDSIt says drug-resistant bacteria is a “fundamental threat” to the world’s health safety.
  3. Crime Scene
    Boston Chef Busted With a Ton of Drugs at Canadian BorderThings don’t look great for Tim Maslow or his well-regarded Ribelle.
  4. The Chain Gang
    New York Times Discovers Bleakest McDonald’s EverIt’s a Times Square location where everybody’s high and the police visit 200 times last year.
  5. Prize Package
    Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola BarShe thought she’d “won a prize.”
  6. Drama
    Yelpers Love Queens Pizzeria Accused of Housing Secret Cocaine Operation“You must try the HOMEMADE WINE!”
  7. Health Concerns
    Bakery’s Drug-Laced King Cake Sends 40 People to the HospitalThey reported having “out-of-body experiences.”
  8. Shenanigans
    Chinese Restaurant Tests Innovative New Menu Item: Drug-Laced NoodlesAn owner dosed his food with the same ingredient used to make opium.
  9. What’s Cooking
    Taco Truck Busted for Serving Food With ‘a Side of Meth’“The brazenness of this ring was astounding.”
  10. Crime Scenes
    DJ’s Fatal Shooting at South Street Ice Cream Shop Now Linked to ‘Large Amount’At first reports indicated his DJ gear was the motive in the fatal shooting.
  11. Kids These Days
    A Brief History of Milkshake-Related MayhemOr, “The Chocolate Shake That Almost Killed Castro.”
  12. Quote Of The Day
    Just Don’t Call His Juice ‘Addictive’Now the Miss Lily’s health guru has a different kind of cult following.
  13. Busted
    Candy-Disguised Nose CandyBuzz and feed.
  14. Crime Scenes
    Jim’s Steaks Busted For Selling Dope… Again!It’s the second time since last August police have raided the South Street institution.
  15. Problems
    The Situation Doesn’t Like the Food Situation … in RehabBut can he be sober and skinny?
  16. Criminals
    Even Drug Smugglers Are Foodies NowParty time.
  17. Mediavore
    Jim’s Steaks Manager Charged With Selling Drugs; Apples, Pumpkins and KalePlus: Discussions of Moroccan food heat up Facebook; and David Burke has a magazine and “flavor sprays,” all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Mediavore
    Pinky’s Pizza Owner Found With 250 Pounds of Weed; Half the Country Will BePlus cheesecake for the common man and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  19. Mediavore
    Suburban Scammers Swindle Restaurants; Investors Urge Red Robin to Find a BuyerPlus food, music and cocaine have similar effects on the brain, and a cup of coffee spurs terror at 20,000 feet, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Mediavore
    Drug Kingpin that Operated Out of a South Philly Bar Gets 210 Months in Prison;Plus almonds may have magical powers, and keeping a food diary is key to weight loss, all in out morning news roundup.
  21. Quote of the Day
    Baking, Chicago-StyleMichelin director Jean-Luc Naret notes Chicago chefs’ affinity for a certain substance.
  22. Funnies
    Burger King Gets a New DoormanGuardian Angels patrol the Mission, committing acts of courtesy toward drug dealers.
  23. Mediavore
    Art Smith is Top Chef Victorious; McDonald’s Stung by CurrencyPlus: Wheaties market to men; chefs on drugs.
  24. Mediavore
    Salinas Lettuce Recalled; Taco Crawls Go Automatic
  25. Hoaxes
    Nuts4WeedNuts vendors dealing weed — too good to be true?
  26. Clubland
    SNAFU at APTThe NYPD has shut down the meatpacking club after drug busts.
  27. Le Scandale
    Pervy Performers Accuse the Box of Everything Imaginable, and Then SomeBox honcho Simon Hammerstein is accused of abusing his dog, keeping in-house prostitutes, sexual harassment, and pressuring a couple of sisters into a threesome.
  28. NewsFeed
    Marquee Brushes Off Weed Bust With Party for Weed-Touting RapperThe club will be open tonight for Missy Elliott’s birthday.
  29. Back of the House
    Is Crack Back in the Kitchen?Everyone knows that kitchen workers, and cooks in particular, lead an unwholesome lifestyle. But crack? From what we’re hearing, the rock is coming back to the junior toque set. “Guys are doing it all over the place,” a source told us the other night. “They use the glass pipe and everything.” We’ve heard similar stories elsewhere around town. Maybe it’s just our Reagan-era brainwashing, but aren’t you supposed to become a urine-stained beggar at the Port Authority the minute you try this drug? Or is it just a more concentrated, addictive form of cocaine, as reported by the sober verdict of science? Either way, crack could be the party drug of choice among tastemaking degenerates, at least until they start pilfering capons to feed the habit. So is coke just too pricey on a line cook’s wages? We’re relying on rumor for now, so please narc in the comments.