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Drive Throughs

  1. Crime Scene
    Some Dude Threw an Alligator Into a Wendy’s Drive-ThroughIn Florida, of course.
  2. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Instates Plan to Improve Drive-Through InaccuraciesUnfortunately, it’s going to make wait times even longer.
  3. Crime Scene
    Hungry Guy Poses As Police Officer So He Can Skip the Drive-through LineNow he faces a decade of jail time.
  4. Fur Real
    A Customer Tipped a Whataburger Worker With a $10K Fur Coat“I said, ‘Ma’am, I like that jacket you’ve got on.’”
  5. Miscreants
    Couple Faces Assault Charges for Shooting Drive-Through Worker With Nerf DartThey didn’t even order anything first.
  6. Crime
    Fast-food Drive-through Window Robberies on the RiseIt’s happening in Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida.