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Drink Up

  1. drink up!
    How Mexico’s Best Bartender Makes a MargaritaA few simple tricks — and one surprising ingredient — are all you need.
  2. cocktails
    One Very Old Ingredient Makes Cocktails That Taste Very New“Imagine drinking Coca-Cola your whole childhood and not trying Pepsi until you’re 25 or 30. That’s Patxaran.”
  3. Corked
    ’Inoteca’s Going Out in a Blaze of Bargain-Basement-Wine GloryIt all started with half off all whites and rosés.
  4. Drink Up
    The Best Drink for Holiday Parties: Homemade Irish CreamIt’s better than eggnog, dead simple to make, and a guaranteed ticket to social-gathering micro fame.
  5. Drink Up
    Cocktail Pop-up Cripple Creek Returns May 31If you spring a leak, they’ll mend you, too.
  6. Snakes Down Near Jane
    Yes, There Will Be a Snake Venom Cocktail at the New Beatrice InnThis wasn’t in the bartender’s manual.
  7. Drink Up
    Pop Open a Can of Refreshing ‘Marijuana’Southern Californians are guzzling a new soda called Mary Jane.
  8. Drink Up
    Booze You Can UseBottle engraving, cold-distilled gin, and more liquor this holiday season.