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  1. closings
    How Nobu Conquered the ’90s and Became an Unstoppable Global EmpireAs the iconic Tribeca restaurant closes its doors, co-owner Drew Nieporent looks back on 23 years in business.
  2. The Scene Inside Tribeca Grill’s 25th Anniversary PartyHors d’oeuvres for 500 friends, neighbors, early investors, and longtime diners.
  3. Location Changes
    Nobu’s Original Flagship Will RelocateThe new restaurant will open further downtown in early 2017.
  4. Recaps
    ‘New York’ Taste Food PhotosChefs brought miso caramel apples, lobster meatballs, and plenty of shaved truffles to go around.
  5. Restaurant Review
    Drew Nieporent’s Batard Is Already Showing Quite WellIt’s a deft remake of his seminal Montrachet and ambitious Corton.
  6. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: A Return to Pulchritude“I’m sensing less patience these days with the high-minded theatrics for the haute-forager era …”
  7. Openings
    What to Eat at Bâtard, Drew Nieporent’s New Fine-Dining RestaurantOctopus “pastrami” and caramelized milk bread.
  8. Interviews
    Drew Nieporent on Batard’s Menu, Price Point, and Drink OptionsExpect schnitzel.
  9. Quote Of The Day
    Drew Nieporent Had a Very Particular Set of Skills at McDonald’sHe’s moved on from the golden arches now.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Drew Nieporent’s Bâtard Won’t Be ‘New American’The restaurant opens sometime this spring.
  11. Coming Soon
    Drew Nieporent Opening Bâtard in Former Corton SpaceThe restaurateur put together an all-star team for the new project.
  12. Interviews
    Paul Liebrandt on Leaving Corton and the Future of the Elm“I’m looking at people who are going to be dining at my restaurants in the next ten and fifteen years.”
  13. Chef Shuffle
    Paul Liebrandt Leaves Corton in TribecaThe chef will focus on the Elm in Williamsburg and is working on a new high-end project in Manhattan.
  14. How French
    Corton Announces It Will Close for the Month of JulyPaul Liebrandt’s modernist restaurant shuts down.
  15. Ooh La La
    Check Out the Chefs’ and Restaurateurs’ Looks at Last Night’sSilk suits, Air Jordans, strapless dresses, and more sartorial choices from last night’s big event.
  16. Chef Shuffles
    Saison Steals New Pastry Chef Away From New York’s CortonPastry chef Shawn Gawle recently won the Best New Pastry Chefs honor from ‘Food & Wine.’
  17. Politix
    ‘New York City Hospitality Alliance’ Launches Via Nieporent, Hanson,Restaurant roar.
  18. They Got Game
    MSG’s New Superstar Food Roster Unfazed by Potential NBA LockoutThey’ll be selling burgers and hot dogs no matter what.
  19. At the Movies
    Watch the Rise, Fall, and Rise of Paul Liebrandt in A MouthfulA documentary on the Corton chef, eight years in the making.
  20. Party Chat
    Times Stars, Michelin Stars, and Culinary Stars at Last Night’sDrew Nieporent, for one, really hopes that Del Posto gets their lost Michelin star back.
  21. Openings
    Café des Artistes Space Will Get $1.5 Million Italian MakeoverAnd the owner of the lease is …
  22. TV Land
    Nieporent, Samuelsson, and Conant Judge on ‘24-Hour RestaurantA look at the Food Network’s new competition show.
  23. Health Concerns
    Is the Health Department Out to Ruin Your Winegasms?The Health Department is changing its code, and a curiously named Astoria wine bar should be worried.
  24. Openings
    Spotted Pig Brooklyn? Not a ChanceManhattan restaurateurs consider Brooklyn while Brooklyn proprietors ponder Gotham.
  25. Personalities
    Chefs Gone Wild: Nieporent and Colicchio Rock Out, Boulud Parties DownWho said fine-dining folks don’t know how to have fun?
  26. For Sale
    Tavern on the Green Auction ContinuesItems are going cheap. Plus, images from the scene.
  27. Mediavore
    Drew Nieporent’s Sundays; Beekeeping Ban Could Be LiftedPlus: Freddy’s patrons in chains, and Yao Ming takes a stand on shark fin, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Rumors
    Animal Denies Nieporent PartnershipJon Shook dispels rumors about his restaurant.
  29. Pause for Thought
    Ripert, Nieporent, Pépin, and Soltner: Is French Cuisine Dead?The French Culinary Institute celebrates its 25th anniversary by posing the question.
  30. New York Wine and Food Festival
    Food Stars Pick Under-the-Radar RestaurantsRestaurant recommendations from Eric Ripert, Drew Nieporent, and Gail Simmons.
  31. Trends
    High-end Sushi Takes a Recession HitA look at the unraveling of the sushi trend.
  32. Closings
    Drew Nieporent ‘Interested’ In Café des Artistes?Will the murals live another day?
  33. Rumors
    Nate Appleman Mulling Options in New YorkFormer SF chef may team up with former SF restaurateur Drew Nieporent.
  34. Presidential Eats
    What Other Date Spots Did the Obamas Consider?A look at the presidential pros and cons.
  35. Awards
    Beard Awards: The Chefs Speak!What Dufresne, Chang, Boulud, Ripert, and others had to say at last night’s festivities.
  36. Awards
    The Beard Awards: Photos Are In!Cue “I Will Remember You” for a photo tour of last night’s festivities.
  37. The Other Chefs
    James Beard Winners RevealedThe night’s top winners.
  38. Side Projects
    Liebrandt Planning Value Project?“The next project may or may not be smaller, more accessible, [with] great, simple, well-cooked, beautiful, well-priced food.”
  39. Stadium Eats
    Where to Eat at Citi Field: The Crucial Culinary MapKnow your options! The lay of the land, from steak to sushi.
  40. Polemics
    Question: ‘Should Fine Dining Die?’A look at the pros and cons of the disappearing haute establishment.
  41. Foodievents
    What Chefs Cooked As KidsWho loved Julia Child at age 9? Who made carbonara at boarding school?
  42. It’s the Economy
    Nieporent and Brennan on Weathering the StormThe two titans talk to us about adjustments they are (and aren’t!) making.
  43. Election Eats
    Which Candidates Did Your Favorite Restaurateurs Contribute to?Who opened their checkbooks for Obama and who (if anyone) gave to McCain?
  44. Institutions
    Tavern on the GreenbacksThe Central Park institution’s owner, Jennifer LeRoy, REALLY likes ‘The Wizard of Oz.’
  45. Openings
    A First Look at Corton, Menu and AllSee what Montrachet looks like now that it has reopened with Paul Liebrandt in the kitchen.
  46. Openings
    At Corton, Gael Greene Considers Forgiving Paul Liebrandt’s Foamy SinsThe Insatiable Critic comes back with first word on Drew Nieporent’s reinvention of Montrachet.
  47. Openings
    Corton Will Open October 1, As PromisedThe Drew Nieporent–Paul Liebrandt collaboration will open tomorrow.
  48. Openings
    Corton to Open This Weekend?Or will Nieporent wait until after Rosh Hashanah?
  49. In the Magazine
    Fall Preview: Cool Winds Bring Good EatsNew restaurants from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, Zak Pelaccio, and Drew Nieporent in this year’s fall preview.
  50. Mediavore
    A Magnolia Bakery for Midtown; Is Tap Water Safe?Where to eat tacos in the Hamptons, a new casual restaurant at the U.S. Open, and more, in our morning news roundup.
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