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  1. drama
    The Espresso Martini Is the Hottest Drink on the Planet. Bartenders Hate It.“No more! Please! No more espresso martinis!”
  2. food fight
    Andrew Yang Walks Into a Bodega — or Does He?Where, exactly, did the mayoral candidate buy his green tea this morning?
  3. drama
    Corona Unleashes More Hard Seltzer on a Terrified NationSome people are confused about Corona and the coronavirus. Now they have to deal with mango seltzer too.
  4. drama
    Everything You Need to Know About Wine CavesAll your questions, answered.
  5. the fall classic
    José Andrés Throwing Out the First Pitch at World Series Game 5 in D.C.The same game Trump is expected to attend, if the Astros make it that far.
  6. food fight
    The Best Moments From Twitter’s Chicken Sandwich WarPopeyes versus Chick-fil-A: the nihilistic brand squabble we need.
  7. drama
    David Chang Takes a Bold Stance Against Good Tomatoes on His BLTsIt’s the contrarian chef’s most controversial opinion yet.
  8. drama
    Michelin Trolled All of Los Angeles — and It WorkedWhy did America’s most forward-thinking food city fall for the tire guide’s tired publicity tricks?
  9. food fight
    Is This Pub Owner the World’s Best Trip Advisor User?He fights back against what he claims are lies and falsehoods in reviews.
  10. food fight
    Hershey’s Kisses Are BrokenChristmas is ruined for grandmas everywhere.
  11. drama
    A Sommelier Scandal Is Rocking the Wine WorldThe prestigious and difficult Master Sommelier test was tainted.
  12. the rats
    ‘Burrito-Size’ Rats Are Terrorizing Brooklyn HeightsNeighbors say Chipotle’s trash is to blame.
  13. bad salad
    Trump Once ‘Ordered’ Rex Tillerson to Eat Caesar Salad in China“Rex, eat the salad.”
  14. food fight
    Park Officials Removed a Chef for Being Too ‘Vulgar’With a nickname like that, how could anyone have known?
  15. drama
    Acclaimed Sushi Chef Eiji Ichimura Is Suing His PartnerHe no longer wants his name associated with his own restaurant.
  16. drama
    That Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Is Headed to PrisonThe owner of Pure Food and Wine pleaded guilty to stealing from investors and failing to pay her taxes and employees.
  17. drama
    Vegan Sensation by CHLOE Has Severed Ties With Its Chef and FounderAn arbitrator has ruled that ESquared Hospitality can continue to grow the brand without Chloe Coscarelli’s involvement.
  18. lawsuits
    A New Lawsuit Has Been Filed Over the Name of the Four Seasons RevampThe allegation is that “the Landmark” is too similar to “Landmarc.”
  19. unthinkable
    The Washington Post Will Cancel Its Beloved Annual Peeps ContestIt’s been a brutal couple of weeks in Washington, D.C.
  20. drama
    Mast Brothers Say ‘Basic Facts’ Were Lost During Chocolate-Melting ScandalA blogger caused the company headaches when he accused it of misrepresenting its “bean-to-bar” bona fides.
  21. drama
    Now Yelpers Are Trashing Trump Grill Following Vanity Fair Spat“I tried to get in but there was a giant wall around the building.”
  22. food media
    Why Chris Kimball Is in a Legal Battle With America’s Test KitchenThe company he co-founded sued him in November.
  23. true tales of the restaurant industry
    Inside the Restaurant-Supply Store Every New York Chef Needs — and Loathes“You want a fight? Come to Jetro. It’s a good place to find one.”
  24. drama
    Roberta’s Founders Accuse Estranged Partner of Putting Mistress on PayrollMeanwhile, the restaurant lost one of its key chefs.
  25. This Vegan Fugitive Restaurateur’s Story Just Became Even More InsaneDid Sarma Melngailis’s ex-husband, and partner in crime, brainwash her?
  26. drama
    What Happened After José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian Bailed on Trump’s HotelJosé Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian didn’t anticipate so much fallout, while the Trumps struggled to find new chefs.
  27. food fight
    Fed-Up Chef Challenges Local Critics to Actually Cook Something for the PublicHe’s inviting them to prepare a three-course meal for a panel of judges.
  28. drama
    Animal-Rights Activists Invaded Chez PanisseIf anyone is mindful about ingredients and sourcing, it’s Alice Waters.
  29. drama
    Thomas Keller on the Brutal Per Se Review: ‘It Was Devastating’The chef admits he and his team may have been “complacent.”
  30. drama
    Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Ditches Partner in CrimeThe latest in the saga of Pure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis.
  31. Drama
    Founder of Acclaimed Whiskey Brand WhistlePig Ousted Over Fraud AccusationsIt’s like Silicon Valley with whiskey instead of algorithms.
  32. Drama
    Man Kills His Friend Over Restaurant BillOne hell of an IOU.
  33. Shake Shack
    Is a Disgruntled Employee Calling in Fake Health Complaints Against Shake Shack?Or the Upper East Side location really does give “abdominal cramps.”
  34. Drama
    Carnegie Deli Finally Shows Signs of LifeThe restaurant’s upstairs neighbors now have heat and hot water, at least.
  35. Drama
    Apparently, People Are Sneaking Rats Into Their Food to Con RestaurantsThere was a situation at the Plaza.
  36. Drama
    The Mast Brothers Respond to Attacks on Their Chocolate’s AuthenticityAccording to one writer, the company hasn’t always made its own chocolate.
  37. Drama
    Vaucluse Owner Doubles Down on Times-Critic TiradeAltmarea Group CEO Ahmass Fakahany will not back down.
  38. Drama
    Restaurant Owner Hammers Times Critic in New Open Letter“You seem so desperately anxious to be relevant.”
  39. Drama
    Whole Foods Says It Will Stop Selling Food Made by PrisonersAnother knock against the grocer.
  40. Drama
    Amy’s Baking Company Owner Attacks Gordon Ramsay in Latest Rant“The show was as fake as Gordon’s hair.”
  41. The Chain Gang
    Arby’s Offers Miami Police Free Combos After Staff Refused to Serve anThe company has also fired the manager who was responsible.
  42. The Chain Gang
    Arby’s Is in Big Trouble for Refusing to Serve a Police OfficerThe employees argue it was a bad joke gone wrong.
  43. Drama
    The Sussmans Are Making Enemies in the HamptonsThe chefs left a gross mess on the beach and got caught.
  44. Drama
    10 Takeaways About the Secret World of Corn EspionageThe head of a Chinese spy ring is facing trial next month for stealing agricultural technology.
  45. Lawsuits
    Judge Dubs Former Carnegie Deli Manager the ‘Shyster of Smoked Meat’It’s very tough times at the iconic New York delicatessen.
  46. Drama
    Competitors Complain Budweiser’s Burger Contest With David Chang WasBud is also offering refunds to fest attendees who say the whole thing was a bust.
  47. Bans
    This Pizzeria Is Giving a Discount to Donald Trump’s EmployeesTo make up for the fact that they have to “look at his name every day.”
  48. Drama
    There’s a Petition to Stop José Andrés From Opening aThe pressure is on, chef.
  49. Drama
    It Seems All Is Not Well at the Happy Ending RebootCo-owner Teddy Perweiler has been barred from entering his own club.
  50. Drama
    Walmart Refused to Make a Confederate-Flag Cake, Happily Made an ISIS OneThe company says that the employee had no clue it was a terrorist flag.
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