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  1. R.I.P.
    Chef Claude Segal Dies at Age 61Jean-Francois Meitinger recalls the departed chef fondly.
  2. Mixocalypse
    And the Most Inspired Bartender Crown Goes To…It was a long, hot competition: So who won the title?
  3. Reopenings
    The Shifting Tides of Hollywood Bring Les Deux Round Two and The Closing ofThis part of town is so tricky to open in, we can’t even keep track of what’s really closed sometimes.
  4. Booze News
    Moet Ices Your Bros at The Abbey, Andaz, and XIVA new champagne concoction seeks those bottle-service, “Drop it like it’s Hot”-driven dollars.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Charge El Torito; Halle Berry Hits ToastThe two eschew Red O and Rivera for a chain.
  6. Douchetinations
    Drai’s Expands at The W, But It’s Still Drai’sVIPs appear to be trying to isolate themselves in a place that’s turning lame very fast.