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Dr. Phil

  1. Marketing Gimmicks
    Turns Out the Pat’s vs. Geno’s Rivalry Was a Big ShamThe truth comes out after Joey Vento’s passing.
  2. TV Land
    Dr. Phil Show on Cheesesteakery Airs TodayThe talk show host’s cheesesteak episode goes live at 5
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Pakistani Ex-Prez Visits Savona, Dr. Phil Chooses Steak over CheesesteakWhere are celebs dining in Philly?
  4. TV Land
    Dr. Phil Inserts Himself into Cheesesteak WarsDr. Phil takes on the cheesesteak feud
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Dr. Phil Hits Up Cheesesteak Las Vegas, RTMThe talk show host brings his tough love to Philly food spots