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  1. Clarifications
    Bruni Enters Hipster Territory, Is Quickly Called Out by Down by the HipsterDoes the ‘Times’ critic know the difference between the Lower East Side and Nolita?
  2. Other Blogs
    New Blog Launches for Cocktailians and Simple Drunks AlikeA new blog has launched for straight drinkers.
  3. Beef
    Battle Royale: ‘Paper’ Awards Bring Feuding Party People Face toDown by the Hipster, Matt Levine of the Eldridge, Guest of a Guest, and Steve Lewis walk into a bar…
  4. Models and Bottles
    1Oak and Bungalow 8 Violate Bloggers’ ‘No Soliciting’ RulesAre e-flyers a sign that these former hot spots are hurting for business?
  5. NewsFeed
    Is ‘New York’s Most Exclusive Nightlife Experience’ Just aWill El Baño rival club NM-UH?
  6. NewsFeed
    Delicatessen, The Eldridge Get Feuding Bloggers in a TizzyGuest of a Guest and Down by the Hipster are at it again.
  7. NewsFeed
    Down by the Hipster Responds to Latest Dis From Guest of a GuestSources have been outed, invectives have been hurled, and there have been accusations of shoddy journalism, comment tampering, and (gasp!) cluelessness about the Hamptons scene.
  8. NewsFeed
    April Fools’ Day Infects the BlogosphereWe call out our favorite April Fools’ Day jokes, and a Slate article defending Gordon Ramsay that wasn’t a joke.
  9. NewsFeed
    ‘BlackBook’ Calls It: Submercer Will Be ‘Next Beatrice’Trendy magazine BlackBook is predicting the Mercer Hotel’s reopened lounge will be the city’s next hot spot.
  10. NewsFeed
    Down by the Hipster’s Scott Solish Steps ForwardA formerly anonymous nightlife blogger has been outed by a rival blog, and he isn’t happy about it.
  11. NewsFeed
    What to Wear If You Really Want to Get Into GoldBar The clubwear trend of plastering skulls all over everything to make it “edgy” simply will not die. In fact, it has just reached the height of absurdity thanks to some D.J.’s-cum-designers at GoldBar. Per Down by the Hipster, they’ve slapped the club’s name and an image of one of its super-cool golden skulls on a limited-edition T-shirt. Apparently, this piece of low couture is being given only to the club’s “elite,” which makes us wonder: After being banned from the place thanks to our less than favorable opening-night musings, is sporting one of these the only way we’ll be able to get past the venue’s golden ropes? Either way, we’re sticking to our stodgily skull-free Wo Hop shirts. Related: Golden Years [Down by the Hipster] Earlier: GoldBar Finally Emerges from the Vault