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  1. openings
    A Doughnut Shop That Doubles As a Bar — FinallyDromedary Doughnuts is part bakery, part speakeasy.
  2. chains
    Krispy Kreme to Unvaccinated Americans: Okay, But What About Two Free Doughnuts?The doughnut store is battling COVID the only way it knows how.
  3. chains
    Krispy Kreme Vaccine Doughnut Deal Also Available to Anti-VaxxersFree doughnuts for everyone, basically.
  4. something good
    Well, at Least It’s National Doughnut Day?Normally, we wouldn’t mention this. But today is no normal day.
  5. openings
    Inside Fany Gerson’s Brand-new Doughnut ShopThe fryer is on at Fan-Fan Doughnuts.
  6. chef shuffle
    Doughnut God Fany Gerson Will Leave Dough to Start Her ShopThe acclaimed doughnut shop’s original location will close this weekend.
  7. The Hunt for New York’s Best DoughnutsAdam Platt and his daughter hunt for New York’s best doughnuts. See which they prefer: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop or Du’s Donuts.
  8. family business
    After 50 Years, the Donut Pub Is ExpandingTalking to Buzzy Geduld ahead of his doughnut shop’s new branch, opening soon off Astor Place in Noho.
  9. heartwarming stories
    This Is Just an Extremely Heartwarming Story About a Doughnut ShopCustomers are showing up at 4:30 a.m. to buy the shop out early and allow its owner to be with his sick wife.
  10. whatever
    Apple Cider Doughnuts Are a LieThey aren’t worth the fall fuss.
  11. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Doughnuts in New YorkGlazed, filled, round, or square — here’s where to get the very best ones.
  12. mmm…
    Simpsons Doughnuts Are Finally RealGet ready for Krispy Kreme’s “D’ohnuts.”
  13. the chain gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Slashed Its Menu — Did Your Favorite Item Survive the Purge?Say good-bye to most sandwiches, bagels, and smoothies.
  14. the chain gang
    Coffee-Obsessed Billionaire Family Might Buy Dunkin’ DonutsThe same people who own Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Caribou, and Peet’s.
  15. the chain gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Is Removing Half the Doughnuts From Some Stores’ MenusBut don’t worry: There’s still cold brew with pumpkin-spice syrup.
  16. This Video Introduces You to the Outrageous Doughnut Grilled CheeseA monstrosity.
  17. grub guides
    Where to Eat Pączki in New York CityPeter Pan, Old Traditional Polish Cuisine, and more.
  18. sweets
    Doughnut Plant’s New Inception-Style Pastry Will Light Up Your InstagramIt’s a good alternative to Thanksgiving pie.
  19. the chain gang
    Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut Today in Exchange for a Little Bit of Your DignityIt’s the chain’s annual Talk Like a Pirate Day promotion.
  20. Philly’s Famed Federal Donuts Will Be Available in NYC for One Day OnlyOn September 9.
  21. These Gourmet Doughnuts Are Being Used to Make Ice-Cream SandwichesThere’s also some fresh fruit involved.
  22. openings
    This New Doughnut Shop’s Flavors Include Nutella-S’more and ‘Everything Bagel’Grindstone is already a sensation in Sag Harbor.
  23. crime scene
    Cops Arrest Florida Man After Mistaking Doughnut Glaze for Crystal MethHe was driving while under the influence … of Krispy Kreme.
  24. Sweets
    You Can Feel Good About Eating This Inception Doughnut Because It’s VeganAh, America.
  25. Sweets
    Bone-Marrow-Chocolate Is the Latest Luxe Doughnut FlavorThe marrow makes it taste extra rich and velvety.
  26. Sweet
    Ammon Bundy Finally Honored With His Own DoughnutJust desserts.
  27. Sticky Fingers
    Pizza Rat Needs This Doughnut Raccoon As His Stunt DoubleThis hungry critter swoops in Mission: Impossible–style from the ceiling.
  28. Sweets
    For the First Time Ever, Fany Gerson’s Making Cake Doughnuts at DoughShe’s giving out a free one with purchase all day today.
  29. Sweets
    Underwest Donuts Adds a New Flavor to Its All-Star RepertoireThe “Carwash” is plain, glazed, and totally classic.
  30. Dowiches
    This Boston Bakery Is Stuffing Doughnuts With LobsterThe so-named Lobster Dowich sounds … interesting?
  31. Hot Hot Heat
    A Harlem Bakery Just Debuted Sriracha DoughnutsNo one can stop the sriracha onslaught.
  32. The Chain Gang
    Tim Hortons Will Unleash Nutella Doughnuts Next MonthThere’s a bagel spread as well.
  33. Come Together
    Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Doughnuts Are Maybe Even Too Perfect forBest branded partnership ever?
  34. Mash-ups
    Introducing ‘Doughka’: Babka Made With Doughnut DoughDough owner Fany Gerson has created something truly wonderful.
  35. Openings
    Pies ’n’ Thighs New Sourdough DoughnutsThe dough is allowed to ferment for three days at this new Canal Street outpost.
  36. The Dish
    Deconstructing Underwest’s Halva-Topped Tahini DoughnutIt’s dressed up like a feather boa and tastes like a dream.
  37. Openings
    Underwest Donuts Will Serve Its Sinkers Inside a West Side Highway Car WashThe trend toward sticking purveyors of delicious foodstuffs in unlikely settings continues.
  38. Carbs
    Doughnut Plant Rolls Out Pumpkin-Spice Doughnuts Topped With Actual Pumpkin BitsPlus, give a very warm welcome to what may be the world’s first mole doughnut.
  39. Funny Business
    Closed Doughnut Shop Mysteriously Promises to Reopen Without ‘theAt least one former customer is pretty sure they’re talking about a manager.
  40. Tie-Ins
    Krispy Kreme Has Limited-Edition Ghostbusters-Themed DoughnutsWith Slimer and Stay-Puft, of course.
  41. Carbs
    A Japanese Chain Is Stuffing Doughnuts With Hot RamenJust in time for the brisk fall season.
  42. Afternoon Delights
    Dunkin’ Donuts Will Sic More Aggressive Cashiers on Afternoon Customers“Franchisees are kind of excited about it,” the CEO warns.
  43. Freebies
    Get Free Doughnuts Today in Madison Square ParkBut hurry — it only runs until 3 p.m.
  44. Pop ‘Ems For Life
    Entenmann’s Will Close Original Long Island BakeryThe old-school bakery cuts its ties to Long Island.
  45. Expansions
    Dunkin’ Donuts Bets More Europeans Will Want Its Doughnuts for BreakfastIt’s time for four new countries to make the doughnuts.
  46. Batter Up
    Employee Prints Classic Mitch Hedberg Doughnut-Shop Receipt Routine on DoughnutIt’s one part meta, one part funny-business.
  47. Video Feed
    New Williamsburg Café Serves Doughnuts With Jelly-Filled Syringes on the SideOf course it does.
  48. Coming Soon
    ‘Ultra Low Fat Gourmet Doughnut Shop’ Opening in the West VillageThey may be low fat, but they cost $3.85 per piece.
  49. Expansons
    Pies ’n’ Thighs Headed to Canal StreetThe Lower East Side is countrified.
  50. Pop ‘Ems for Life
    Entenmann’s Bakery Cutting Staff and Closing Long Island FactoryThe company says 178 people will lose their jobs.
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