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Doughnut Plant

  1. sweets
    Doughnut Plant’s New Inception-Style Pastry Will Light Up Your InstagramIt’s a good alternative to Thanksgiving pie.
  2. Lawsuits
    A Doughnut Plant Worker Says She Was Demoted for Being PregnantIts owner allegedly said he didn’t think the worker “would want to come back to work after having her baby.”
  3. Grub Guides
    10 Places to Snag Some Panettone, the Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday GiftIt looks as good as it tastes.
  4. Carbs
    Doughnut Plant Rolls Out Pumpkin-Spice Doughnuts Topped With Actual Pumpkin BitsPlus, give a very warm welcome to what may be the world’s first mole doughnut.
  5. Foodievents
    The Grub Street Food Festival Is Back on October 5Roberta’s and Doughnut Plant lead the pack of vendors this year out.
  6. Tie-Ins
    Shake Shack and Doughnut Plant Unleashed a Limited-Edition ConcreteThe limited vanilla–raspberry–sesame cake doughnut run lasts untill September 21.
  7. The Grub Street Diet
    Estelle Breaks From Fashion Week to Eat Doughnuts“If you’re gonna eat doughnuts again, do it fabulously.”
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Designer Chris Benz Basically Lives on Iced Coffee and Turmeric Tonics“Juice Press is actually the reason I will probably never own real estate, since I spend what seems like a mortgage payment there weekly on nothing.”
  9. Hole in One
    Doughnut Plant Said to Be Scouting Third New York LocationGlazed with excitement.
  10. Doughnuts Rising
    Doughnuts to Colonize NYIt’ll rain sprinkles somewhere near Grand Central Terminal.
  11. Drool
    Deep Thoughts on Doughnut LustNew York’s most sublime circular concoctions.
  12. Sweet News
    Doughnut Plant LES Expands, Adds SeatingAlso, there’s a Girl Scout Cookie Locater app!
  13. Empire Building
    Doughnut Plant GrowsPlus: a Doughnut Plant comic!
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    McSorley’s Throws Birthday Bash; Hooters Gives Discount to Married MenPlus:a sausage party in Chelsea, and more, in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  15. Openings
    Sweet Hole-y … Doughnut Plant Now Open in Chelsea!Of course, there are lines out the door.
  16. Openings
    Doughnut Plant Will Open in Chelsea Hotel on Valentine’sJust in time for rose-petal doughnuts!
  17. Openings
    Doughnut Plant Doughnuts in Midtown, Care of Oren’s Daily RoastAnd Balthazar pastries as well.
  18. Openings
    Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea Hotel Location Is Held Up by ‘Drama’Its opening may have to wait till next year.
  19. Complaint Box
    Reader Accuses Doughnut Plant of Decaf DeceptionShe drank the doughnut shop’s coffee for a year before she found out it was decaffeinated.
  20. Lists
    Country’s Best Doughnuts?The mag does a cross-country survey of doughnuts, but the Bay Area choices are a little haute for our taste.
  21. Openings
    Mmm, Doughnuts: Doughnut Plant for Chelsea, Tim Horton’s for Union SquareThere’ll be a full-service espresso bar at the second location of Doughnut Plant.
  22. Menu Changes
    Crucial Pinkberry and Shake Shack UpdatesChocolate fro-yo and doughnut holes.
  23. Neighborhood Watch
    Día de los Muertos Tonight at Mayahuel; Craft Debuts Farm DinnersPlus, mandatory gratuity at Cornelia Street Café, and an extended stay for Brooklyn Brewery, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  24. Personalities
    Bobby Flay Asks, ‘What’s Better Than a Doughnut?’At the premiere of the play ‘Superior Donuts.’
  25. Menu Changes
    Why Are the City’s Few Churreros So Sugar-Happy?The Doughnut Plant has added churros to the menu.
  26. V-Day
    Fight the Valentine’s Hangover With Rose-Petal DoughnutsDoughnut Plant is making them for a limited time.
  27. Freeloading
    ‘Edible Manhattan’ Feast Now (Somewhat) Open to the Public$10 gets you freebies from Russ & Daughters, Murray’s Cheese, Doughnut Plant, and local vineyards. Plus, oysters and Manhattans!
  28. Good Reads
    The Premiere Issue of ‘Edible Manhattan,’ Page by Page‘Edible Brooklyn’’s Gotham counterpart covers everything from locally foraged ginkgo nuts to urban beekeeping to the joys of NYC tap.
  29. The New York Diet
    Director Morgan Spurlock Splurges at Per Se, Loves Peanut-Butter Doughnuts What do diners do when Morgan Spurlock, director of Super Size Me, is sitting at the next table? “They’ll either watch what I’m eating,” says Spurlock, “or they’ll start to make excuses for what they’re eating.” No need for apologies, it turns out; though he hasn’t eaten a Big Mac since the film (he’s currently finishing shooting a second documentary), Spurlock enjoys a burger as much as the next guy. This week he and his wife, who just “spawned and swam across the river” to Park Slope, were especially indulgent. “You’re supposed to gain sympathy weight when your wife is pregnant, but I’ve put on more weight since we’ve had the kid.” So where did he pack on the pounds this week?