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  1. Douchetinations
    Mr. C Joins Boozy Brunch BrigadeIs someone jealous of Bagatelle’s press?
  2. Beef
    Smoke & Mirrors’ Exit To Plunge The Standard Into An ‘Age of Darkness’Paul Sevingy and Armin Amiri say they left the hotel over too many leaks to the press about its celebrity clientele.
  3. Douchetinations
    Fairmont Hotel Opening The Bungalow in JulyThis contrived surf shack for private parties will feature a menu from the hotel’s standout restaurant, Fig.
  4. Douchetinations
    Cabo Cantina Space Spent Previous Life as Cool Hippie HangoutThe Source is the subject of a new documentary showing it as an early forerunner of Cafe Gratitude.
  5. Booze You Can Use
    Welcome to Your Non-Obnoxious St. Patrick’s Day [Updated]Two imbibers of renown help us decide where to go.
  6. Douchetinations
    It’ll Be a Cold Day in Hell Before We Visit Tonic East’s New WinterMurray Hill’s favorite douchetination gets an enclosed rooftop.
  7. Now Hiring
    Well, at Least The Jell-O Shot Economy Is ThrivingShot girls can make up to $600 a night.
  8. Douchetinations
    Drai’s Expands at The W, But It’s Still Drai’sVIPs appear to be trying to isolate themselves in a place that’s turning lame very fast.
  9. Sam’s Club
    Shark-Jump Alert: SBE Looking to Land in Silver LakeAt least Sam Nazarian only plans an Abbey…for now.
  10. Douchetinations
    Area Turning into Burger and Stripper Pole-Equipped ‘Industry’ This SaturdaySBE unleashes its next Hollywood nightclub.
  11. Douchetinations
    Busby’s Denied Pool Party PlansSanta Monica denies the expansion of a suffering restaurant and lounge.
  12. Truckin’
    Food Trucks Under AttackTaco trucks are being robbed while food trucks are off shark-jumping.