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Doritos Locos Tacos

  1. free food
    Taco Bell’s Latest Marketing Gimmick Means Free Tacos for YouIt’s giving away Doritos Locos Tacos because the Warriors won a road game in the NBA Finals.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s New Fritos Tacos Just Look Like Regular TacosSay what you will about Doritos Locos tacos, but at least those felt like progress.
  3. The Chain Gang
    Is Taco Bell About to Roll Out Fritos Tacos?This is locos.
  4. Doritofied
    Doritos Locos Knockoff Shells Headed to Grocery Stores So Moms Everywhere CanOld El Paso beats PepsiCo to the punch.
  5. Cheesy
    Taco Bell’s Quesarito, a.k.a Burrito Wrapped in a Quesadilla, Joins theWe brought this on ourselves.
  6. Doritofied
    Taco Bell Testing Quesadilla Served With Crushed Flamin’ Hot FritosThe dip is the chips.
  7. Doritofied
    They’re Serving Free Mountain Dew–Cured Bacon Tacos in Bryant ParkToday was the day the world learned about Tostitos “street tacos” with Kickstart Mountain Dew Chicken.
  8. Doritofied
    The Doritofied Future of Chain Restaurants Begins NowChains are adding new Doritos-themed items to their menus as soon as 2015.
  9. obits
    Friends Mourn Doritos Locos ‘Creator’ With Taco BellThe man behind Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos died last week from cancer.
  10. R&D
    How Your Fast-Food Mash-Up Gets MadeOr “not made,” in the case of Baskin-Robbin’s ill-fated Waffle Chip Dippers.
  11. The Chain Gang
    Lucky Canadians Get Snarky Doritos Tacos and Wahlburgers“This is one of the greatest moments in Taco Bell history.”
  12. It’s Nacho Cheese
    The Backstory of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Is Both Cheesy and StrangeThe most unholy of all fast-food unions started with a can of spray paint.
  13. The Chain Gang
    Taco-Craving Masses Upset That They Didn’t Actually Get Taco Bell’sOh, you know the type.