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  1. The Chain Gang
    Now Burger King Is Testing a Doritos Menu Item, TooIt’s Doritos Loaded, that infamous “warm Nacho Cheese snack.”
  2. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell’s New Cinnabon Coffee Needs to Be the End of This NonsenseSpoiler alert: It won’t be.
  3. Peak Doritos
    Pizza Hut Australia Rolls Out Doritos-Crusted PiesPeople are saying it’s “a bit intense on the stomach.”
  4. Doritofied
    Guy Who Actually Tasted Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew: ‘Weirdest Thing“Someone at the Mountain Dew design department was getting really high.”
  5. Doritofied
    Frito-Lay Terrorizes Nation With Multi-City ‘Doritos Loaded’ MysteryIt conquers Dallas today and L.A. on Friday — after that, who knows?
  6. Doritofied
    Taco Bell Testing Quesadilla Served With Crushed Flamin’ Hot FritosThe dip is the chips.
  7. Doritofied
    Here’s How to Make Your Own Cheese-Stuffed DoritosYou can even use some fancy cheese.
  8. Doritofied
    Doritos Stealth-Testing ‘Loaded’ Nacho HybridIt’s a “warm nacho cheese snack.”
  9. Doritofied
    They’re Serving Free Mountain Dew–Cured Bacon Tacos in Bryant ParkToday was the day the world learned about Tostitos “street tacos” with Kickstart Mountain Dew Chicken.
  10. Doritofied
    The Doritofied Future of Chain Restaurants Begins NowChains are adding new Doritos-themed items to their menus as soon as 2015.