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  1. The Hunt for New York’s Best DoughnutsAdam Platt and his daughter hunt for New York’s best doughnuts. See which they prefer: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop or Du’s Donuts.
  2. People in New Jersey Line Up Down the Block Just to Get These Handmade DoughnutsSo much Nutella.
  3. Batter Up
    Employee Prints Classic Mitch Hedberg Doughnut-Shop Receipt Routine on DoughnutIt’s one part meta, one part funny-business.
  4. Good Signs
    Dunkin’ Donuts Didn’t Want Iconic Doughnut Sign to Ruin Look of Its,A plan has been hatched among the community’s businesses to save the sign.
  5. Cheap Eats 2013
    This Year’s Best Doughnuts, From Butternut to Boston CreamGo beyond the cronut.
  6. Crime Scenes
    Assault by Hot Coffee Caught on VideoThe woman suffered second degree burns over a $2.40 sandwich.
  7. Foodievents
    Barismo Coffee Tasting and Donuts at CloverPRKHead to Clover food lab’s new truck on the Common for the deal.
  8. Drool
    Deep Thoughts on Doughnut LustNew York’s most sublime circular concoctions.
  9. The Friendly Skies
    Japan Just Got a Little Bit Closer to HomeNow you can dine on Boston clam chowder and donuts, even en route to Japan!
  10. Superlatives
    West L.A.’s Primo’s Picked as One of Food & Wine’s Best U.S. DoughnutsThe 60-year-old donut shop is like a preserved slice of vintage L.A.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    Juice Crafters Coming to Brentwood; Blue Palms Victory Party in HollywoodThe juice is on fire these days, as yet another fresh squeezery sets its sights on the Westside.
  12. Sweet News
    Federal Donuts Rolls Out a S’More DonutThe new donuts probably won’t last long.
  13. Mediavore
    NJ Gov. Chris Christie Loves Donuts… and His Wife; Americans to Get EvenPlus: It’s time to hang up the Riesling and get into Moscato; and everything you ever wanted to know about ancient grains, all in our morning news roundup.
  14. FYI
    Ravenous Crowds Crash the Federal Donuts WebsiteThe donuts and fried chicken shop continues struggling to keep up with its eager audience.
  15. Spot Check
    Spot Check: Federal DonutsFolks filed in steadily this morning to get their first tastes of the new spot’s donuts and coffee.
  16. Foodies With Benefits
    How About Some Beers to Go With Your Donuts?The benefit will pair donuts with local brews.
  17. Donut Kings
    The Surprising Winner of This Year’s Donut SummitBest Cake, Most Round, Best Filing: See who won the 2nd Annual Donut Summit.
  18. Foodievents
    Time to Crown The Donuts!The 2nd Annual Donut Summit is being held this Sunday in Elysian Park.
  19. L.A. Diet
    Superior Donuts Actor Gary Cole Eats at Chain Restaurants, Is a“Once in a while, I may go back and do a little more cereal again when I get home. I’m a cereal junkie. When in doubt, eat cereal.”
  20. Neighborhood Watch
    Laurent Gras Co-hosts Dinner at Aldea; Zac Young’s Drunken Donuts PartyPlus: Bar bites at a video shop, a restaurant that sells soup dumplings and bratwurst, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  21. Mediavore
    Clifton’s Broker Ed Rosenthal Found Alive; Dole Heir Sued For Sexual HarrassmentThe Downtown broker and poet survives six days without food or water, while Justin Murdock has charges filed against him from a former hire.
  22. Art Bites
    Robots Deeply Desire Donuts at Corey Helford GallerySan Francisco artist Eric Joyner unites machines with their sugar-filled dreams.
  23. Openings
    The Donut Hole Closes: Krispy Kreme Returns to PhillyThe Southern donut chain is coming back to town
  24. Chef Shuffle
    Pastry Chef Sharlena Fong Exits Nickel DinerFormer Water Grill and Bastide pastry chef Koa Duncan might take her place.
  25. Closings
    Glazed Donuts Go ‘The Way of the Dodo’Kirsten Anderson’s semi-underground donut company begins to phase itself out.
  26. Mediavore
    Fancy Donuts Have Arrived; Illinois’ Healthiest CountiesPlus: Jewel-Osco makes staff cuts, and Slim Jim reopens a shuttered plant, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Openings
    Mmm, Doughnuts: Doughnut Plant for Chelsea, Tim Horton’s for Union SquareThere’ll be a full-service espresso bar at the second location of Doughnut Plant.
  28. Donuts
    The Real Superior DonutsThe real location of the play’s fictional shop is a Dunkin’ Donuts
  29. Time to Make the Donuts
    Weymouth Bakes ‘Em FreshA Weymouth Dunkin’ Donuts is one of only a dozen to bake on the premises.
  30. Openings
    A New Place to Score Krispy Kreme, Any Hour of the Day or NightPlus, the best time to buy them.
  31. Personalities
    Bobby Flay Asks, ‘What’s Better Than a Doughnut?’At the premiere of the play ‘Superior Donuts.’
  32. Neighborhood Watch
    Morimoto Expands to Tribeca; Jason Neroni Will Leave 10 DowningPlus: Babycakes does baked doughnuts, and free tequila at Toloache, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  33. Empire Building
    Great Circle Family Foods Out of Chapter 11Krispy Kremes are back in business
  34. Freebies
    Doughnut Day: Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Offer FreebiesPlus, Dunkin’s newest doughnut.
  35. Menu Changes
    Why Are the City’s Few Churreros So Sugar-Happy?The Doughnut Plant has added churros to the menu.
  36. Brunch
    Biscuit Alert: Commerce Launches Sunday BrunchPlus, doughnuts lend credence to Jack Donaghy’s statement that New York is off cupcakes.
  37. Mediavore
    More Sex From Gael Greene; TKettle’s Veggie DumplingsGael Greene returns to her sexy-tables topic after an influx of reader mail: “Several romantics agreed with Francesco that ‘Jean Georges at lunch could not be more sexy.’” A reformed Madame Bovary concluded: “It was a lot of bang for the buck.” [Insatiable Critic] Even the Brits are buzzing over the prospect of Charlie Trotter opening a restaurant overlooking Madison Square Park. [Caterer Search, UK] Related: New York to Charlie Trotter: Bring It On! This hefty roundup of book recommendations for foodies includes such Grub-approved picks as the Food Snob’s Dictionary and My Last Supper (where you can see Wylie Dufesne lounging like Lady Godiva, but with cheese). [Zagat] Related: Meet the Original Food Snobs David Kamp Brings Aid to Would-Be Food Snobs Eating the Last Supper
  38. Beef
    Bourdain Blasts Rachael Ray, and It’s Not Yum-O According to “Page Six” today, Anthony Bourdain has a serious problem with Rachael Ray endorsing Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes, the man who waxed nostalgic about the “the bitter, delicious taste of heroin in the back of my throat” in last month’s Spin believes Ray is being “evil” and “over the line” in endorsing what he considers “crack for kids.” But should Bourdain really be running his mouth? Never mind that he smoked Marlboros while telling GQ’s Website about his favorite old-man dive bars — he’s also the guy who told Powells.com, “Is there anything better than a maple bacon donut? I don’t think so.” Apparently it’s perfectly okay to endorse doughnuts as long as they have life-giving bacon in them! Related: Rachael’s Dunkin’ Gig “Evil” [NYP] PBR, Strippers, and Kitsch [Style.com] Earlier: Bourdain’s “Spin” Essay Is Pretty Thin Soup
  39. Mediavore
    The Box Back in Action; Smith & Wollensky Sold at LastThe Box is back in action and even hosted a corporate event last night for Virgin America airline, clearly meant to bring the venue one step closer to becoming a “cultural institution.” [Down by the Hipster] The $94.7 million sale of New York–based Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, which includes Quality Meats and Park Avenue Summer, to the national corporation Patina has been finalized, but there’s still no word on a timetable for Park Avenue’s fall makeover. [Nation’s Restaurant News] Related: The Secrets of Steakhouse Riches Is Top Chef’s Brian into threesomes? Of the kind less celebrated in popular culture? [Amuse Biatch]
  40. Mediavore
    City Council Might Tackle Labor Violations; Drunks Abound at High-EndCustomers get drunk, carry on, and throw up even at the finest restaurants. Especially at the finest restaurants: “More people throw up in the dining room of Per Se than your average college bar.” [NYT] The City Council is considering a law that would put labor violations on par with health violations, in an effort to protect vulnerable immigrant workers. [NPR] Mocktails are on the rise, thanks to “the whole rehab thing,” and nowhere more successfully than at Indochine. [NYP]
  41. Mediavore
    Mr. Chow Sued for $5 Million; Loans Crush Wannabe ChefsMichael Chow of Mr. Chow is hit with a $5 million lawsuit for skimming tips, demanding “cult-like attention” from staff, and utilizing “degradation as a management technique.” [NYP] Cooking-school graduates are being crushed by their student-loan debts: “The story is always the same. The school convinces the student they are going to be the next Julia Child or Wolfgang Puck, and the student will sign anything.” [NYT] The Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group finally agrees to be bought out by Patina Restaurant Group [NYT] Related: The Secrets of Steakhouse Riches [Grub Street]