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  1. nonsense
    Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Is Not Elite Because He Eats PizzaBut really: Who doesn’t eat pizza?
  2. food fight
    José Andrés Invited Sean Spicer to Celebrate Resignation at His RestaurantsWell played, chef.
  3. news you can booze
    Confused White House Invited Hipster Beer to Yesterday’s Fire-Truck EventShowing up at all was something Narragansett says it “considered long and hard.”
  4. immigration
    The Manager of a Landmark Restaurant Near Mar-a-Lago Is Also Facing DeportationAn online petition has already been signed by 5,400 people, including prominent Palm Beach residents.
  5. food politics
    Steakhouses Complain Trump’s China Trade Deal Is Skyrocketing Beef PricesThanks to his trade deal, beef is now going to China instead of them.
  6. immigration
    Trump’s Immigration Policies Convinced L.A. to Legalize Sidewalk Food VendorsThe city doesn’t want to give him an excuse to deport any of the 50,000 vendors.
  7. the chain gang
    Starbucks Baristas in Trouble for Mocking Trump-Supporting CustomerThe customer says they shoved it at her and “started cracking up laughing.”
  8. news you can booze
    Smirnoff Schools Trump on How to Handle ‘Ties to Russia’“Made in America, but we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”
  9. news you can booze
    MillerCoors Executive Warns Trump’s Jobs Plan Will Raise the Price of Beer“Prices will go up” if Trump gets his tariff on cheaper imported aluminum.
  10. immigration
    A ‘Pillar’ of Hawaii’s Coffee Industry Is Being DeportedHe runs a successful Kona coffee farm and works hard to better his community.
  11. the chain gang
    The Trump Administration Just Handed McDonald’s a Big Labor WinBye-bye Obama ruling that interpreted fast-food companies as “joint employers” alongside franchisees.
  12. the chain gang
    Howard Schultz Told Starbucks Workers Trump Is Creating Economic ‘Chaos’In a leaked video, he says the president is “no doubt affecting consumer behavior.”
  13. video feed
    Even Pope Francis Thinks President Trump’s Diet Is FunnyHe asked Melania if she feeds him Slovenia’s version of a jelly roll.
  14. international scandals
    World Leaders Prepare to Serve Steak and Ketchup on Trump’s Trip AbroadHosts will do their best to accommodate the president’s picky eating habits.
  15. hammed up
    American Democracy Is Crumbling, But Tapas’ Trump Cover Is Still BrilliantSo much baloney.
  16. the chain gang
    Trump’s Unpopularity Is Hurting Starbucks’s Business in MexicoIt’s the first U.S. brand with Mexican sales affected by “anti-Trump sentiment.”
  17. closings
    Koi, in the Trump Soho, Will Close, Citing a Sharp Drop in Business“Before Trump won we were doing great.”
  18. America’s President Has a Button He Pushes So a Butler Brings Him a CokeCall it Donald Trump’s addition to the 137-year-old Resolute Desk.
  19. trade wars
    Trump Warns Canada That He’s Coming for Its ‘Very Unfair’ Milk PolicyHe vows a new import tax “is not going to be happening for long.”
  20. lawsuits
    Association for Restaurant Workers Joins Lawsuit Against TrumpThe suit alleges that the president is violating a constitutional clause meant to prevent foreign influence buying.
  21. news you can booze
    Canadian Brewery Trolls Trump With a Big Beer CanIt’s called the “Fake News Ale.”
  22. sanitation
    Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort Cited for Serious Health-Code ViolationsProbably not what new members had in mind when they ponied up the $200,000 in initiation fees.
  23. lawsuits
    The Trump Organization Settled Its Lawsuit With Geoffrey Zakarian, TooNo details were given, outside of both sides saying they’re glad to “amicably resolve our differences.”
  24. lawsuits
    The Trump Organization and Chef José Andrés Settled Their LawsuitThe terms aren’t being disclosed, but both sides called it a “win-win.”
  25. immigration
    ICE Deported a Restaurateur the Obama Administration Had Authorized to StayThe owner of Eddie’s Steak Shed had challenged the order before a judge, but then ICE hauled him to Juárez.
  26. recognition
    Readers Sent Pizza to the Washington Post as Thank-you for Its Trump CoverageOther newsrooms should expect some free pies, too.
  27. making america great
    Restaurant Celebrates Staff by Printing Pro-Immigrant Messages on Every ReceiptThey “make America great” and “also cooked and served your food today.”
  28. anniversaries
    A World-class Chef Celebrates His Flagship Restaurant’s 20th Anniversary“The key to our survival is knowing we can get knocked off at any moment.”
  29. video feed
    Michael Ian Black’s Theory About Trump’s Victory Involves Subway SandwichesWatch and learn.
  30. immigration
    The Owner of a Popular Houston Taco Truck Is Being DeportedHe’s fed the locals under three previous presidents.
  31. not so sweet
    Oh, Great, So Now We Have to Protest Candy?The industry’s lobby is conveniently doing “a lot of business” at Trump hotels.
  32. food politics
    Congressman Warns He’s Bringing Chef José Andrés as His Guest to Trump’s SpeechHe and the president’s legal arch-nemesis “intend to respect the decorum of the House of Representatives.”
  33. immigration
    Pro-Trump Town Not Pleased ICE Is Detaining the Local Mexican Restaurant ManagerEven the mayor calls him a “great asset” who “doesn’t ask for anything in return.”
  34. unpresidential
    Trump’s Steak Order Is Even Worse Than You ThoughtHe slathered a $54 New York strip in ketchup.
  35. trade
    Farmers in Trump’s Heartland Now ‘Very Worried’ About His Position on NAFTAThey already face industrywide surpluses without the addition of new trade barriers.
  36. food politics
    Mexican Avocado Farmers Bought One of the Super Bowl’s First AdsThe group is “not going to abandon this market regardless” of what President Trump does.
  37. unity
    NYC’s Bodega Rally Was a Testament to Solidarity and PatriotismAs thousands of New Yorkers assembled to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies, a sense of unity prevailed.
  38. interviews
    Chef José Andrés on Trump, the American Dream, and Uniting People With Free Food“We are in a moment when we don’t need enemies — we need bridges.”
  39. taking a stand
    New York’s Bodega Strike Is a Bid for Unity at a Time of Deep Unrest“It’s not just Yemeni-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, Iranian-Americans — It’s your neighbor, your doctor, that’s what we’re trying to show.”
  40. food politics
    Analysts Say a Tariff on Mexican Goods Would Screw ChipotleThe burrito maker “likely would bear the biggest brunt” in the entire restaurant industry.
  41. boycotts
    Trump Superfan Scott Baio’s New Attempt to Troll Starbucks Really BackfiredHe asked why the chain wasn’t also hiring “Blacks, Hispanics, & Veterans,” and received a long list of examples.
  42. Coca-Cola and Chobani Join Companies Publicly Denouncing Trump’s Travel BanCoke calls it “contrary to our core values,” while Chobani’s CEO says he’s “very concerned.”
  43. the chain gang
    Storyboard for Trump’s ‘Crust First’ Pizza Hut Ad Can Be Yours for $15KForever remember the moment a bankrupt, newly divorced Trump shilled for fast-food pizza.
  44. video feed
    The Daily Show Got Trump’s Inauguration Cake — Tell Them What to Do With ItThey refuse to smash or pee on it, but Trevor Noah says anything else is basically fair game.
  45. going aggro
    USDA Briefly Ordered Scientists to Stop Sharing Research With the PublicThe ban was rescinded after a deluge of bad press.
  46. food policy
    Angry Farmers Say Withdrawing From TPP Will Cost Them $4 Billion This YearTrump called the controversial trade deal a “disaster” that would “rape our country.”
  47. fake chews
    National Pizza Chain Introduces ‘Alternative Facts’ Zero-Calorie Pie“A pizza fit for even Kellyanne Conway!”
  48. believe me it’s beautiful
    BLT Steak’s Japan Outposts Are Selling a $50 Trump BurgerThe restaurant brand — which is opening inside the new Trump International Hotel — is embracing the president.
  49. twitter rants
    Sean Spicer Has Hated Dippin’ Dots Longer Than Any Rational Person ShouldHe’s been at war with the company on Twitter since 2010.
  50. food policy
    5 Reasons Why Food Experts Are Worried About Trump’s New Agriculture SecretaryThey say Sonny Perdue is poised to roll back regulations, has Big Industry ties, and denies climate change.
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