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  1. Health Concerns
    City Apparently Considers Turning to Google Glass to Record DOH InspectionsThat’s one idea, anyway.
  2. Health Concerns
    Inspection Issues: NYC Chefs on the Realities of Dealing With the DOHSome of New York’s most prominent chefs discuss what they think could be done to help restaurants and diners better understand the Department’s sometimes-arcane rules.
  3. Ick
    DOH Handing Out Hepatitis A Shots After UWS Fruit ScareIf you ate anything from the Westside Market on Broadway, you’ll want to read this.
  4. Health Concerns
    Dovetail Latest High-End Restaurant Dealing With DOH HeadachesThe Michelin-starred restaurant currently has a C-level report and is awaiting reinspection.
  5. The Future
    Forget Letter Grades: Here Come Health Report QR CodesGo ahead, scan those Health Department inspection grades.
  6. Health Concerns
    How Inconsistent Are DOH Inspectors? NYC Chefs Say ‘Extremely’Letter grades aren’t going anywhere, but the city’s chefs say inconsistencies in the inspection process make it almost impossible to know what constitutes a proper violation.
  7. Make a Note
    Turns Out Per Se Doesn’t Actually Have 41 Points From the DOHThe health department just hasn’t updated its website yet.
  8. Service Stories
    DOH Grades Mapped: Now You Can See Exactly Which Restaurants Have Mice [Updated]Turns out Per Se and Loi have some serious violation points.
  9. Health Concerns
    Times Tracks Down Photoshopped ‘Diabetes Victim’Cleo Berry has both legs and a willingness to go pro-soda.
  10. Advertising
    Photoshopped Ad Doesn’t Change the Fact That Soda Can in Fact Make PeopleThe DOHMH used a fake image to portray real consequences.
  11. Health Concerns
    DOH Bribe Attempts Seen to Increase, Letter Grades BlamedCash doesn’t really sanitize the work surfaces, does it?
  12. Health Concerns
    DOH in Dumbo: ReBar Gets Closed While Bubby’s ReopensWhere will fruit flies strike next?
  13. Health Concerns
    Bubby’s Blames DOH Closure on Intrusive FliesFirst flies, then roaches, now mice.
  14. Food Politics
    ‘National Nutrition Database’ Should Exist, Says DOHTo prevent disease, the Health Department would like all nutritional information to be in one searchable database.