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  1. Health Concerns
    Letter Grades Aside, Is the Revised Health Code Actually a Win forAlong with introducing new letter grades, the Department of Health loosens rules on flies, expired milk, and more.
  2. Temporary Closings
    DOH’d Blue Ribbon Bakery Hopes to Reopen TomorrowThe bakery is working to fix “an electrical refrigeration and plumbing issue.”
  3. Reopenings
    Mantao and Nom Wah Back Up, BBQ Express Still DownUpdates on a trio of Health Department shutterings.
  4. Temporary Closings
    Department of Health: Tea Parlors, Bistros, and Slice Joints, Oh My!The latest in DOH shutterings. Plus: A crackdown against quick slices?
  5. Temporary Closings
    Sakura Hana Shuttered for Health ViolationsEvidence of mice and “other live animals” were found.
  6. Health Concerns
    Payard, Insieme, and Sarabeth’s Would Be Publicly Shamed by New DOHWhich fine-dining offenders would be most embarrassed by new health-score postings?
  7. Reopenings
    Song 7.2 Is Back and Showing Off Its ClamsWe were lured in by the awesome chalkboard and found the fried intestines surprisingly good.
  8. Temporary Closings
    Socialista Shuttered by Department of HealthDoes it have something to do with the Jane Street Hotel protests?
  9. Sanitation
    DOH in the WeedsThe Department of Health hasn’t been as gung ho about closing restaurants.
  10. Mediavore
    DOH Launching a Dining Blog; Obama Beating McCain in Cookie WarA Dean & DeLuca that serves burgers, and an unnecessary look inside one chef’s apartment, from our glance at the morning headlines.
  11. DOH
    26 Seats Makes Senator’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ List, Del Posto GetsJeff Klein gives Mario Batali a slap on the wrist.
  12. Mediavore
    Sara Lee Suffers; Soft-serve, Fro-Yo Battle for DominancePlus haute dishes inspired by junk food, McDonald’s makes money off the weak economy, and more, in our morning news roundup.