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  1. Tragedies
    Employee at Dixie Found Dead at Ocean BeachSad.
  2. The Other Critics
    Sens and Miller Dig Into Dixie; Roth Calls Gilberth’s Good, ButBasically, no one likes the surroundings at Dixie, but the food is pretty good.
  3. The Other Critics
    Bauer Thinks Dixie’s Service, Decor Out of Synch with MenuBauer gives Dixie’s food mixed reviews but says other aspects of the restaurant need work.
  4. The Other Critics
    Bauer Impressed By Central Kitchen, Can’t Handle the Music; Hirsch CallsMr. Bauer bestows a mere two and a half stars on the Mission’s big spring opener.
  5. The Other Critics
    Stafford Calls Dixie ‘Terrific’; Bauer Revisits MaverickBauer keeps Maverick at 2.5 stars.
  6. Openings
    Dixie and Transit Café Opening in the PresidioDixie arrives right after Memorial Day, May 29.
  7. Not-So-Hopelessly Delayed
    Dixie Still Aiming for Late MayThe new Presidio restaurant from chef Joseph Humphrey is finally close.
  8. Mediavore
    Big Restaurants Are Back in S.F.; Singing the Praises of Miso
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Atelier Crenn Adds More Pairings; Wo Hing Adds Bar Stools; and MoreAlso, the Dixie preview dinners have been extended.
  10. Not-So-Hopelessly Delayed
    Dixie Delayed, But There Will Be Preview Dinners in JanuarySee the full menus for a series of dinners at Guest Chef in Oakland.
  11. Previews
    An Update on Dixie, Which Might Make It Open Before New Year’sThe new restaurant from former Murray Circle chef Joseph Humphrey is coming along.
  12. Previews
    Joseph Humphrey’s Dixie On Its Way to the PresidioThe former Meadowood and Murray Circle chef reveals more about his plans.
  13. Pre-Previews
    Joseph Humphrey’s New Project Gets a Name: DixieSo, we’re thinking Southern, obviously.