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  1. reopenings
    Rejoice: Montero’s Reopens Tomorrow, Complete With KaraokeThe 82-year-old nautical dive bar has never been closed for this long.
  2. Bottoms Up
    What It’s Like to Visit 150 Dive Bars in 90 DaysAfter so many bars — and about a zillion tallboys — later, the author’s romanticism for dives has only been heightened.
  3. best of new york
    The 50 Best Dive Bars in New YorkA (possibly controversial) ranking of the city’s dingiest, gnarliest, most glorious bars.
  4. Relocations
    Hooray: The Emerald Inn Reopening on West 72nd StreetLet’s toast.
  5. Stabbings
    Ups N Downs Has More Downs Than Ups, Shuts Down After Knife MeleeVodka with a twist (of a knife!).
  6. Booze News
    Where Throwing Up In the Sink is EncouragedTony Chen explores the strange and shady bars of The San Gabriel Valley.
  7. User’s Guide
    How to Prepare Your Carmageddon Survival ToolkitIn which our editor wonders what will help him keep his sanity while stuck in a hellish scape of gridlock.
  8. Nightlife
    Killjoys Come Down on Mulberry Street Bar and Murray Hill Pub CrawlsPlus, are there any dive bars left?
  9. Closings
    Another Dive Down: Brooklyn’s ‘Scariest Bar’ Is No LongerThe Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge has been gutted.
  10. Nightlife
    Got Any Good Dive-Bar Stories?Matt Levy, Joshua M. Bernstein, and Rachel Wharton sure do!
  11. Closings
    Hollywood Losing a Classic Sunset HauntLegendary Richard Burton favorite Ye Coach and Horses is closing due to a rent increase.
  12. Reopenings
    The New Tony’s Darts Away Soft-Opens Tonight in BurbankNew owner Tony Yanow plans all craft and draft beer from within California.
  13. Openings
    Tony’s Darts Away Plans Bottle-less Bars in Burbank and Echo ParkCalifornia beer and wine are the specialty at the remake of a Burbank dive classic.
  14. Closings
    Del’s Saloon is DoneA dive bar classic closes when a new owner offers more money.
  15. Nightlife
    Murphy’s Law and Mary Anne’s Make Stuff’s Best Dive Bar ListDid your favorite bar make the cut?
  16. Slideshow
    A First Look at the Manhattans, Opening TomorrowThe new Siberia?
  17. Openings
    Tracy Westmoreland Says He’ll Open Siberia 2.0 After the Manhattans“Everybody’s just trying to make money and they have fake bars. This is a real place you can go and enjoy yourself and distract yourself.”
  18. Lists
    Isn’t It Time for Some Not-Totally-Obvious ‘Best Dive’ Picks?Sure, O’Connor’s and Jimmy’s Corner are great, but we have a less obvious suggestion.
  19. Reopenings
    Lucy’s is NOT Still Shuttered! Plus, Other Endangered StorefrontsA gorgeous slideshow of our favorite fading façades.
  20. Temporary Closings
    Dive in Danger: Lucy’s Takes a Few Weeks OffJust one of Lucy’s sporadic vacations?
  21. Reopenings
    A First Look at the New Holland BarCan a dive have a soft opening?
  22. R.I.P.
    Holiday Cocktail Owner Stefan Lutak Passes AwayIt’s uncertain whether the dive will survive him.
  23. Reopenings
    Breaking Booze News: Holland Bar Is Now ServingEyewitness account: “On the front door was a handwritten piece of paper that said OPEN.”
  24. For Sale
    Dive in Danger: Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge May Lose Its HomeOne of the city’s truly gritty watering holes, the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, may not have long for this world.
  25. Reopenings
    Holland Bar Still Closed, Despite Paper of Record’s AssertionThe ‘Times’ gets it wrong in an article about rents being lowered.
  26. Reopenings
    Holland Bar May Reopen This WeekBut will it be the same?
  27. Reopenings
    State of the Hell’s Kitchen Dive: Holland Bar, Acapulco, España enHolland Bar is reopening soon. And finally, the secret of Espana en Llamas can be told.
  28. Temporary Closings
    Holiday Cocktail Lounge’s (Temporary?) Closure May Drive Us to DrinkIt’s the latest dive bar with an uncertain future.
  29. Dives
    List of Dirtiest Dives Slanders Blarney Cove, Overlooks Bailarina BarsA magazine feature takes us into the lives of ‘faux’ girlfriends who dance with men for $40 an hour.
  30. Dives
    Is There a Light at the End of Holland’s Tunnel?The late, great dive may find a second life.
  31. Dives
    Holland Bar Is Gutted; Where Will We Drown Our Sorrows?One of our top five dive bars is gone.