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Divas Live

  1. Openings
    African Tea Store Expands Into TribecaA Zimbabwean couple brings over 200 teas to Chambers Street.
  2. Openings
    A First Look at Korean Sammy Spot, Seoul StationOffering a Korean alternative to the sandwiches at Nicky’s Vietnamese.
  3. Reopenings
    A First Look at the Remodeled Bar QAnita Lo gives a video tour of the cozied-up space.
  4. Community Boards
    Tepperberg Will Go Ahead With New LoungeThe Marquee man won’t let the Community Board’s disapproval stop him.
  5. Bulli for You
    OMG! An El Bulli Reservation!The Amateur Gourmet scores a table at Ferran Adrià’s house of molecular gastronomy and freaks out accordingly.
  6. Padma-nia
    Attn: Padma EnthusiastsSee the ‘Top Chef’ host attempt her own cooking demo tomorrow.