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  1. discrimination
    Study Finds Black Baristas Are Paid Less Than White Baristas at StarbucksLGBTQ and foreign-born employees also reported being discriminated against.
  2. controversies
    A Retrial Has Been Ordered in Thomas Keller’s Pregnancy Discrimination CaseThe plaintiff filed an appeal two weeks after the verdict was reached.
  3. controversies
    Thomas Keller’s Discrimination Trial Begins TodayThe plaintiff alleges that the chef’s company forced her out after she became pregnant.
  4. disgraceful
    A Line Cook Says She Was Fired for Speaking SpanishFrancisca Pérez alleges her boss demanded she speak English.
  5. the chain gang
    Starbucks Barista Fired for Insulting Customer With a StutterThe barista wrote “SSSam” on the customer’s cup shortly after imitating his stutter.
  6. lawsuits
    Black Workers at Trump Hotel Steakhouse Allegedly Told It’s ‘White America Time’BLT Prime employees claim they got screwed on shifts and dealt with racist co-workers.
  7. discrimination
    Iowa Restaurant Punishes Local Trump Voters With Extra Cover Charge“Yes, this is discrimination, but you voted for it.”
  8. discrimination
    Woman Says She Was Booted From Restaurant for Supporting TrumpThe owners dispute the charges.
  9. Discrimination
    Restaurant Refused to Serve Family in Trump Gear“Everybody was laughing, giggling.”
  10. Lawsuits
    Man Claims McDonald’s Drive-Through Discriminates Against Blind PeopleHe’s filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the chain.
  11. Discrimination
    Woman Says Café Booted Her for Being MuslimShe called it “a painful and embarrassing reminder” of what it’s like to wear a headscarf.
  12. Lawsuits
    Man Claims Whole Foods Served Him a Cake With a Gay Slur [Updated]He claims his “Love Wins” icing message included the word f-g.
  13. Gay Rights
    Restaurant Bans Alligator to Protest Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT LawA Utah deli says it won’t use any ingredients from the Magnolia State.
  14. Gay Rights
    MS Restaurants Plan ‘Welcome’ Signs for GaysThe state’s hospitality group is also compiling an online directory of participating restaurants.
  15. Lawsuits
    Transgender Discrimination at Whole FoodsHe says he suffered daily discrimination while working at the grocer’s Chelsea location.
  16. Lawsuits
    Black Customers Sue Denny’s for Asking Them to Prepay for Their MealThey say the manager tried to apologize with free dessert.
  17. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Fined For Anti-Immigrant PoliciesThe Justice Department says the chain will pay $355,000 and retrain employees.
  18. Discrimination
    A Restaurant Allegedly Booted a Gay Couple on Their Anniversary forCustomers reportedly complained that their hand-holding was “disgusting.”
  19. Discrimination
    A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing“You’re making people feel uncomfortable.”
  20. Not Good
    Muslim Waitress Says She Was Sent Home From Work for Wearing a HijabIt happened at London’s ritzy Savoy Hotel.
  21. Discrimination
    A Bar Kicked Out a Transgender Woman Because Staff Assumed She Was a MaleShe was just there to watch the Belmont Stakes.
  22. Bad Ideas
    Colorado Restaurant Owner Will Hold a ‘White Appreciation Day’“Because all Americas should be celebrated!!”
  23. Crime Scene
    There’s Video Footage of Two Gay Men Getting Attacked at New York’sThe hate crime occurred last night.
  24. Lawsuits
    A McDonald’s Franchise Allegedly Fired Workers Because ‘Too ManyThis came immediately after the hiring of “a large number of white employees.”
  25. News
    A Restaurateur Posted an ‘English-Only’ Rule for HisCustomers were getting “uncomfortable,” the owner said.
  26. Shutdowns
    Restaurant’s Waitstaff Quits Midday, Alleging Racism and Way Too ManyHe allegedly fired people for being black, old, or fat.
  27. Lawsuits
    Former Cooks Sue Barclays Center Over Alleged Discrimination and Racial SlursThe $5 million lawsuit also alleges that managers used racial slurs.
  28. Eat it Too
    Court Rules Bakeries Cannot Refuse Wedding Cakes to Same-Sex CouplesIt’s not really a free-speech issue, the judge says.
  29. Discrimination
    Queens Bakery Fined $25,000 for DiscriminationThat’s $10,000 in damages, $10,000 for racial discrimination, and $5,000 more for gender discrimination.
  30. Lawsuits
    Atlantic City Judge Rules ‘Borgata Babes’ Can Be Fired for GainingApparently it’s not an issue of sexual or weight discrimination.
  31. Quote of the Day
    She’s Certainly the Voice of … SomethingThe Paula lawsuit is about broader discrimination in the workplace.
  32. Oops
    Virginia Restaurant Turns Away War Vet Because of Service DogAt least the restaurant’s owner apologized.
  33. Lawsuit
    Former Hooters Waitress Says She Was Forced to Quit After Shaving Head for BrainShe’s suing the franchise.
  34. Equality
    Lesbian Couple Accepts Duff Goldman’s Wedding Cake; Meanwhile, BusinessIs this a violation of the Oregon Equality Act?
  35. Equality
    Duff Goldman Offers to Bake for Lesbian Couple That Experienced DiscriminationAce of Cakes to the rescue.
  36. Mediavore
    Muslim Man Accuses Whole Foods of Discrimination; Burger King Comes Up With aPlus: Chain restaurants continue to emphasize the quality of ingredients; and botulism doesn’t care whether your canned goods are organic or not, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Party Like It’s 1959
    City Investigates Continental’s Door PolicyOwner Trigger Smith says “there’s not a prejudiced bone in my body.”
  38. Nightclubbing
    East Village People: Blacks, Bohos, and Frat Boys Need Not Apply?The nightlife landscape is getting increasingly divisive.
  39. Mediavore
    Accused Sabina Rose O’Donnell Murderer Expected to Plead Guilty;Plus rising global food prices may spur a worldwide hunger crisis, and “blue laws” have been steadily disappearing over the last decade, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. Lawsuits
    Park Avenue Winter Will Have to Weather Class-Action SuitWaiters claim that a manager discriminated against Bengalis and Bangladeshis.
  41. Lawsuits
    Post-Bankruptcy, Centro Employees Sue Anne Burrell for DiscriminationAfter Mangia also files for bankruptcy, restaurateur Sasha Muniak’s troubles are mounting.