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Dine And Dash

  1. food crimes
    Woman Pioneers Innovative New Dine-and-Dash StrategyWant to skip out on a check? Bring religion into it.
  2. terrible customers
    World’s Dumbest Dine-and-Dasher Runs Into Ocean to Avoid Paying Restaurant BillThe police had to arrest him on Jet Skis.
  3. a real catch
    This Man Might Actually Be the World’s Worst Dinner DateL.A. police are after a man who keeps dining and dashing on his dates.
  4. terrible customers
    Group of 120 Diners Celebrating a Baptism Dines and Dashes at Spanish Restaurant“They left in a stampede,” the owner says.
  5. terrible customers
    Bold Customer Tries Leaving Restaurant One-Star Review After Skipping the BillFor the restaurant’s owner, revenge must feel good.
  6. Theft 101
    World’s Worst Dine-and-Dashers Leave Daughter Inside RestaurantPolice say alcohol was involved.
  7. Awful Things
    World’s All-Time Worst Customers Dine and Dash, Then Run Over TheirSo much pain over a $45 check.
  8. Running With Knives
    Sushi Chef Chases After Dine-and-Dash Customer With KnifeNo more California rolls for the dine-and-dasher.
  9. Trouble
    Dine-and-Dash at Buffalo Wild Wings Leads to High-Speed ChaseThe bill was only $16.