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Diet Coke

  1. changes
    Joe Biden Has Already Removed Trump’s Oval Office Diet Coke ButtonPlenty of changes at the White House.
  2. the donald trump diet
    President Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes Per DayWell above the FDA’s recommended daily amount of caffeine.
  3. New Rules
    How, Exactly, the Sugary-Drink Ban Will Affect You [Update: It Won’t Affect YouCan you drink venti Frappuccinos the same way? What about marshmallow vodka? Gatorade? We’ve got all possible scenarios covered.
  4. Sexy Soda
    Introducing the Marc Jacobs-Designed Diet Coke CansSurprisingly, no abs.
  5. Sex Sells
    Marc Jacobs Is Diet Coke’s New Creative DirectorHe’s showing off his six-pack, obviously.
  6. Video Feed
    Taylor Swift’s Future Breakup Lyrics About Diet Coke“Romeo, save me/ I’ve been feeling soda alone”
  7. Sip Safely
    Woman Dies From Alleged Coca-Cola AddictionEight liters a day is not okay.
  8. Health Concerns
    On Soda and Social ClassFor whatever reason, fizzy drinks and income levels seem to be inextricable.
  9. Superficiality
    Is Diet Coke Shallow?Where diet soda and vanity meet.
  10. Mediavore
    How Health Care Legislation Affects Restaurants; Spice Station and Forage MakeWith health care reform comes adjustment for the restaurant industry, and two Silver Lake caterers have a symbiotic relationship.
  11. Viral
    Colicchio Cooks for Vampires Shills for HBOColicchio: “I have a lot of friends that are vampires.”
  12. Beef
    Achatz vs. Coke-licchioLooks like Grant Achatz might just have taken Tom Colicchio’s Diet Coke ad personally.
  13. Videofeed
    Tom Coke-licchio Woos Women During the OscarsThe ultimate validation of him as sex symbol.