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  1. Corn Sizzurp
    Sugar Factory Will Open at Barclays CenterExpect “another five to seven locations” for New York City.
  2. Candy Land
    14 Things to Know About Sugar Factory, Taking Over the Ryu Space in theIt may make you rue the day when Ryu closed down.
  3. It’s Medicinal
    More Teens Have Type 2 Diabetes; Gila Monsters Are the AnswerDiabetes among American adolescents is on a significant rise; thankfully, your exotic and illegal pet can probably help.
  4. Melting Pot
    A Third of New York’s Bangladeshis Suffer From DiabetesSerious problem.
  5. Diabetes
    Paula Deen Says She’s Slimmin’ Down“I’ve dropped two pant sizes and I feel great!”
  6. Video Feed
    Watch Alec Baldwin Discuss Diabetes and Foods Worth Dying for With DavidHe’d risk his life for butterscotch candies.
  7. Beating a Dead Horse
    Completely Random Restaurant Dish Healthier Than Paula Deen’s FriedCouldn’t the ‘Times’ at least have compared two fried-chicken dishes?
  8. Family Deen-amics
    Even Paula Deen’s Sons Almost Quit the Family BizNeedless to say, they didn’t end up going through with it.
  9. Slippery Issues
    Chewing the Fat: Paula Deen Attack Stories Show No Sign of Slowing DownThe fallout continues after Paula Deen’s drug-endorsement deal announcement, despite the fact that it might just be the least surprising thing ever.
  10. Mediavore
    Judge Orders Higher Bail in Assault on Rangers Fan at Geno’s; DiabetesPlus: Heavy coffee drinkers have a lower risk for type 2 diabetes; and extreme beers get canned, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Health Concerns
    Paula Deen Confirms Diabetes Reports, Drug Advertising Deal [Updated]And (of course) she’s signed on as a spokesperson for the diabetes drug Victoza.
  12. The Other Critics
    Introducing the Slimmer, Trimmer Post CriticChefs, it’s time to update your photos of Steve Cuozzo.
  13. Bookshelf
    Cook to Bang Nets Book Deal After Just Six Months of Rude Food PunsAnd on the opposite side of the spectrum, Tom Valenti tells you how to cook for diabetics.