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Di Fara Pizza

  1. rip
    NYC Pizza Legend Dom De Marco Has Passed AwayThe food-world icon behind Midwood’s Di Fara was 85 years old.
  2. temporary closings
    Di Fara Pizza Reopens Its Doors TodayExactly two days after being seized by local tax authorities for nearly $168,000 in unpaid taxes.
  3. oh no
    De Blasio Says He Will ‘Do Anything’ to Help Di Fara ReopenThe iconic pizzeria was seized by state tax authorities.
  4. temporary closings
    Di Fara Pizza Shuttered Due to Unpaid TaxesThe iconic Brooklyn pizzeria reportedly owes more than $160,000.
  5. taste test
    Is the Pizza at the New Di Fara As Good As the Iconic Original?A rigorous taste test.
  6. fall preview 2017
    10 New Pizza Restaurants to Try This FallThe latest from the Luzzo’s, Di Fara, Joe & Pat’s, and more.
  7. Presidential Pizza
    POTUS Pie: Obama Orders Di Fara–Style Pizza in VegasPresident Obama and his entourage had twelve pizzas delivered in Vegas.
  8. Yikes
    Di Fara Reports Are Di-sgustingThey’ll survive this.
  9. Foodievents
    DiFara to Spend the Day in ManhattanThe famed pizzeria will serve its pies as part of the NYC Food Film Festival.
  10. Endangered
    Carnegie Deli Sues for Survival; Di Fara Gets an UpgradeWill the Carnegie Deli have to pull a 2nd Avenue Deli and move?
  11. Beef
    Sietsema Calls Brooklyn Bashers Dim-wittedIn defense of the borough everyone suddenly loves to hate.
  12. Personalities
    Video: Getting to Know Di Fara’s Legendary Pizza Man, Dom DeMarcoA new seventeen-minute documentary gives you a rare glimpse inside Dom DeMarco’s world.
  13. Empire Building
    LaFrieda Arrives in La Guardia While Di Fara Jets to VegasIs the fifteen-ounce Gordito burger too much of a good thing?
  14. Beef
    Ozersky: ‘Steingarten Is Right About Brooklyn’Cutlets: “The best restaurants in Brooklyn, for the most part, are just outposts of Manhattan restaurants.”
  15. The Grub Street Diet
    Jeffrey Steingarten Cooks Goat Sous-Vide, Disdains Brooklyn Boosterism“It was a day, like all days, of peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, and bread with tomatoes, but when it came time for the meat course, it was the day of the goat.”
  16. Health Concerns
    Shake Shack Gets a C Line, and a C-Worthy Health InspectionPlus: Did you know dive bars are dirty?
  17. Empire Building
    What to Expect From Di Fara, LaFrieda, White, Carmellini, and More at La GuardiaJason Denton of ‘ino is also involved and looking for another spot in Williamsburg.
  18. Empire Building
    Dom Jr. Takes Di Fara Pies to VegasAnd Arizona, Texas, and California …
  19. User Reviews
    User Reviews: Maybe Northern Spy Could Do With a Bread BasketPlus: knighthood for Dom DeMarco and sublime scallion pancakes at Nice Green Bo, in our weekly roundup of the best restaurant user reviews.
  20. The Chain Gang
    Five Guys Takes Off at La Guardia But Di Fara Is GroundedWhat ever happened to rumors that the Saint of Avenue J was coming to LGA?
  21. Merchandising
    Di Fara Sells T-ShirtsYes, they come in XXXL.
  22. Openings
    Di Fara May Land at LaGuardiaGet ready to miss your flight.
  23. Lists
    America’s Best Pizzas, Per PlayboyThe naked-lady mag picks its favorite pies nationwide.
  24. Lists
    Pizza Slices: Movies at Co., Rumblings at Totonno’s, and the Best Pie in’Rachael Ray’ enlists a couple of experts to find the best slice in the USA.
  25. Pizza Pizza
    Travel and Leisure Names Eleven Best Pizzas in the U.S.An eleven-best list of pizzas that spans the whole nation? It may not be definitive, but here it is.
  26. Lists
    Pizza Tourists Pick Unlikely FavoritesIs Luigi’s the best pizza in Brooklyn? And is the city’s best pie in Staten Island?
  27. Mediavore
    Women Picky About First-Date Restaurants; Food-Safety Bill PassesPlus: FDA food-safety bill passed, and Michael Pollan on Julia Child, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Pizza Pizza
    Dom DeMarco’s Pizza ProfitsMore than most other pizza joints.
  29. Pizza Pizza
    Di Fara Cuts Hours, Hikes PricesDom De Marco now charges $5 a slice.
  30. Temporary Closings
    Di Fara Is Temporarily Down, Lucali May Be Moving On UpIn the world of pizza greatness, a temporary closure and a possible expansion.
  31. Lists
    After Richman Disses Di Fara, Voice Thumbs Nose at Lucali and Co.The ‘Voice’ chooses its top ten pizzas.
  32. What to Eat
    Feedbag Thinks Di Fara Slice Isn’t Greasy EnoughTake that, Alan Richman!
  33. PIzza Pizza
    Why Alan Richman Dissed Di FaraPlus more outtakes from the world of best pizzeria lists.
  34. Mediavore
    McDonald’s to Explore Cage-Free Eggs; Giada and Rachael Are Not FeudingPlus: Another food recall and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. Menu Changes
    L’Asso Unleashes Stumptown, Di Fara Tribute SliceWhat will the pizza bloggers make of this?
  36. Lists
    More Best of New York!Your chance to ask our editors what they were thinking. Plus, happy-hour specials!
  37. Pizza Pizza
    Dom DeMarco Named to Pizza Hall of FameA Brooklyn pizza legend gets his due.
  38. Reopenings
    Di Fara Reopens, Rosario’s Gets Ready to Do the SameDom DeMarco is in the house.
  39. Reopenings
    Di Fara Reopening NOW?Di Fara was to reopen at noon today.
  40. Reopenings
    Di Fara Still DownThe expected reopening date has been pushed off.
  41. Reopenings
    Di Fara Hopes to Reopen Next WeekBut the exact date is still up in the air after master pizzaiolo Dom DeMarco’s car accident.
  42. Mediavore
    Di Fara Pizza Master in Car Accident; NYC Bodegas Go OnlinePlus: Greg Kelly is a McDonald’s vigilante, and Scott Conant looks to Vegas, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. Temporary Closings
    Di Fara Down!A mysterious medical emergency has left the pizza palace temporarily closed.
  44. Mediavore
    Gourmet Long Island Iced Teas; Sarah Palin As LocavorePlus Ferran Adrià at Katz’s and New York’s bravest in a cook-off.
  45. Guide Books
    Zagat 2009: Per Se, Ko, Asiate, USC Emerge VictoriousLess New Yorkers are dining out, but those still eating have spoken via the annual Zagat guide.
  46. Beef
    Blasphemous Blogger Defends Di Fara RantNow all of a sudden it’s not “F Di Fara” anymore.
  47. Beef
    Di Fara Attacked by Blasphemous BloggerUnspeakable charges are made against the patron saint of pizza.
  48. The New York Diet
    Competitive Eater Crazy Legs Conti Experiences ‘Deja Chew’Crazy Legs Conti, the world’s eleventh-ranked competitive eater and bon vivant about town, describes his diet as “benign gluttony — everything in moderation, including excess.”
  49. Neighborhood Watch
    East Village Pizza Spot Aspires to Match Di Fara; Foosball Lures Families toAn East Village pizza spot attempts to live up to Di Fara, a two-story funhouse for kids with good food for parents opens in Cobble Hill, and how to get in to Rao’s by the Insatiable Critic.
  50. Neighborhood Watch
    Rusty Knot Bringing Back Frozen Drinks; Bruce Willis Tended Bar in the EastRobuchon in the house, frozen drinks at the Rusty Knot, and a Web page for Di Fara.
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