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  1. In Season
    Dettera’s Jeffrey Power Slings Spring’s BountyChef Power utilizes what’s in season for his new dish.
  2. Re-Openings
    Dettera Reopens After Flooding; Manayunk Brewery Is Still Bailing OutThe Ambler restaurant’s watery woes kept it from opening for a week, but the Manayunk Brewery received a double shot of nature’s wrath.
  3. Menus
    Dettera Updates Its Menu OfferingsWith a new culinary team and focus, the Ambler restaurant tweaks its dinner offerings and adds additional menus.
  4. Chef Shuffle
    Dettera in Ambler Gets new ChefsThomas Groff was replaced by chefs Jeffrey Power and Brent Hazelbaker.
  5. The Other Critics
    Dettera “Not Worthy”; Treehouse “Hits Heights”Rounding up the region’s restaurant reviews
  6. Openings
    Openings Odds and Ends: D.P. Dough, Voyeur and DetteraD.P. Dough, Voyeur and Dettera are all open