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  1. good news
    More New York City Restaurants Have ‘A’ Grades Than Ever BeforeAnd that’s despite the fact that the city’s restaurant grading system is as opaque as ever.
  2. interviews
    The Sushi Chef Who Lost His Job Fighting the DOH’s Glove Rule Is Back“Things were said, things were done. They made an example out of me. Great job. It made my career go higher and higher, and here we are.”
  3. Sort of a Comeback
    Prosperity Dumpling to Reopen in New LocationFollowing the Department of Health’s shutdown.
  4. Food Fight
    The National Restaurant Association Plans to Sue the DOH Over Salt LabelingThe group says the new rule goes too far beyond traditional government oversight.
  5. Caught Bare Handed
    An Acclaimed Sushi Chef’s Fight Against the DOH Cost Him His JobDavid Bouhadana’s petition is going strong, but he will have to find somewhere else to work.
  6. Caught Bare Handed
    Celebrated Sushi Chef Petitioning DOHDavid Bouhadana’s restaurants have been closed since October 22, and now he’s taking to Change.org to rectify that.
  7. Interviews
    A Celebrated Sushi Chef Is Taking a Stand Against the Health Department“I believe what I believe and I’m a vocal about it, and because of that I have been singled out, and I have been made a target.”
  8. Shut Down
    Prosperity Dumpling’s Complete DOH Report Is DismalLive roaches and filth flies, oh my!
  9. Food Safety
    Of Course the Health Department Shut Down Prosperity DumplingThe fallout of the rat scandal.
  10. Woof
    The Department of Health Doesn’t Want Dogs on Restaurant PatiosBut it looks like the bill will still pass.
  11. Food Safety
    NYC’s Food Trucks Might Soon Get Letter GradesIt would help bring legitimacy to vendors.
  12. Health Department
    Grand Sichuan’s UWS Outpost Reopens After DOH ShutterIt’s safe to eat scallion pancakes again.
  13. News
    A Proposed New Health Department Rule Could Ruin New York’s Sushi SceneChanges to the code will require fish served raw to be frozen beforehand.
  14. Honor Roll
    85 Percent of New York Restaurants Now Have ‘A’ GradesThat’s a lot higher than it was when the Health Department’s grading system first kicked off.
  15. Spit Happens
    Jamie Oliver’s Flashy London Butcher Shop Closed by Health DepartmentThe shop, underneath the chef’s barbecue restaurant, has since reopened.
  16. Critical Violations
    New Grading Rules Reduce Restaurant FinesA step in the right direction.
  17. Food Safety
    Per Se’s Terrible Health Grade Says More About the DOH Than It Does AboutIt’s clearly not a dirty restaurant.
  18. Health Concerns
    Bloomberg Health Initiatives Live on Through Calorie-Count WebsiteCalorie postings go national, and online.
  19. Critical Violations
    City Council Approves Changes to Restaurant-Inspection SystemReduced fines, optional dry-run inspections, the creation of an ombuds office, and more.
  20. Critical Violations
    Health Department Will Lower Some Restaurant Inspection FinesSpeaker Quinn has succeeded in persuading the health department to change the way its inspectors dole out fines.
  21. Critical Violations
    City Council Introduces Legislation to Change Restaurant Inspection SystemSpeaker Quinn says the move is designed to benefit small businesses.
  22. Temporary Closings
    Perla Shut Down by Health Department, Will Reopen TonightThe restaurant plans to reopen tonight.
  23. Lawsuits
    Group of 40 Bronx Restaurant Owners Sue NYC Over Botched Restaurant InspectionsThe coalition seeks $150 million in damages.
  24. Critical Violations
    How the Post Messed Up on Its Report on Restaurant-Inspection FinesA restaurant bathroom that doesn’t have toilet paper is directly related to food safety.
  25. Save Papaya Dog
    Another Papaya Dog ClosesAt least temporarily.
  26. Opening Again
    Aria Reopens After Getting Slammed by DOH for Mice and RoachesThe Perry Street wine bar is back in action.
  27. Sisig
    Maharlika Shut Down by Health Department, Will ReturnA rep from the restaurant says they hope to be reinspected ASAP.
  28. Score
    Yelp Is Adding Health Department Grades to Restaurant ListingsThe social-networking site is trying to make the open-source data more widely available.
  29. Temporary Closings
    Iconic Glaser’s Bake Shop Closed by Health DepartmentThe bakery’s customers are devoted, and mad.
  30. Closings
    Café Forant Is Closing for Good, Blames Health Department“These inspectors come in here, they look for a little thing, and they charge you.”
  31. Inspections
    DOH Is Monitoring, But Won’t Crack Down on ‘Candlelit’The health department is not issuing citations so much as trying to steer restaurant owners in the right direction.
  32. Health Concerns
    Council Speaker Christine Quinn Wants to Reduce Restaurant Health-Grade FinesJust call her “Hero of Restaurateurs” Quinn.
  33. Health Concerns
    How Inconsistent Are DOH Inspectors? NYC Chefs Say ‘Extremely’Letter grades aren’t going anywhere, but the city’s chefs say inconsistencies in the inspection process make it almost impossible to know what constitutes a proper violation.
  34. Service Stories
    DOH Grades Mapped: Now You Can See Exactly Which Restaurants Have Mice [Updated]Turns out Per Se and Loi have some serious violation points.
  35. Temporary Closures
    Grand Sichuan on Ninth Avenue Shuttered by DOH
  36. Health Concerns
    Smear Job: Neighbor Claims Bubby’s Tribeca Is Stinking Up the HoodBubby’s owner Ron Silver blames the sidewalk odor on the garbage truck.
  37. Health Concerns
    Bubby’s Blames DOH Closure on Intrusive FliesFirst flies, then roaches, now mice.
  38. Temporary Closings
    Ray’s Candy Store Gets Shut Down (Again!)Inspectors hit Ray Alvarez with $2,000 more in fines.
  39. Temporary Closings
    Ray’s Candy Store Shut DownBy the Health Department.
  40. Temporary Closings
    Zabb Elee Is ‘Best Isan Thai Food in Manhattan,’ But Gets Shut DownBad timing, to say the least.
  41. Health Concerns
    Letter Grades Hit Take-out Menus!This is a new one …
  42. Health Concerns
    Another Kennedy Fried Chicken Sniped by the Health DepartmentThe day after the ‘Times’ brings a KFC lawsuit to our attention.
  43. Health Concerns
    Six Months In, City Is A-OK With Letter GradesBut should it be?
  44. Sweet News
    Philly Takes Its ‘War on Soda’ to the Next LevelThough the proposed tax on soda is long dead, the city’s Department of Health is behind a new fight against sugary beverages.
  45. Health Concerns
    The Health Department: Hero or Villain?One restaurant owner accuses them of usury, but a commissioner says the DOH is making things easier.
  46. Health Concerns
    Notes From the Underground: DOH Closes Illegal Restaurant, Grilled-Cheese GuyPlus, is the illegal Peruvian spot in Jackson Heights still open?
  47. Health Concerns
    Health Department Shuts Down Obama, Citing Rats and RoachesPlus, how many restaurants have gotten As, Bs, and Cs?
  48. Health Concerns
    Faking the Big ‘A’Did your local Chinese joint really score an A on its health inspection?
  49. Health Concerns
    Health Department Cracks Down on Dr. ClawWhat does this mean for the secret sandwich guy?
  50. Health Concerns
    Health Department Sweeps Through ChinatownNew Bo Ky and other Chinese restaurants shuttered.
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