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  1. Deliverance
    Black Seed Bagels Now Delivers in ManhattanDid someone order some whitefish salad?
  2. Deliverance
    Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop Now Delivers Everywhere South of 96th StreetIvan Orkin’s Gotham West Market shop now brings soup to your door.
  3. Deliverance
    The Cannibal Now Delivers Craft Beer and CharcuterieYou can get French fries and nine sauces for $15.
  4. Deliverance
    Upstart Food-Delivery Service Caviar Raises $15 Million to ExpandThe Winklevoss brothers led the last $2 million seed round.
  5. Deliverance
    Seamless Will Make It Harder for Restaurants to Steal Delivery Workers’There was nothing in the services contracts about passing on gratuities.
  6. Deliverance
    U.K. Delivery Service Just Eat Has $600 Million IPOHow appetizing.
  7. Deliverance
    That GrubHub IPO Is Now Valued at $1.7 BillionThe revised prospectus bumps up the delivery company’s value a lot.
  8. Deliverance
    GrubHub Files for $100 Million IPOThe delivery company juggernaut says it has 3.4 million users.
  9. Deliverance
    Tribeca Citizen Outs Fake Restaurants As GrubHub Seamless Prepares IPONot good.
  10. Deliverance
    Seamless-GrubHub Delivery Juggernaut Agrees to End Exclusivity ArrangementsDinner checks and balances in action.
  11. Deliverance
    GrubHub and Seamless Merge to Form Food-Delivery JuggernautThe bride and groom are keeping their names, maybe.
  12. Deliverance
    FIPS Blog Grades Park Slope DeliveryRestaurant staff should start working on their phone voice.