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  1. Coming Soon
    Park Slope Calexico Finally Opening in JanuaryMore tacos and Cal-Mex burritos for the neighborhood.
  2. Delays
    Lenox Lounge Reopening Pushed to Spring of 2014Take the A train, but slowly.
  3. Delays
    Calexico’s Park Slope Expansion Held Up by Permit IssuesThey’ll start wrapping burritos just as soon as that paperwork gets the official stamp.
  4. Brrrr
    Finally: Minus5 Ice Bar Opens Next WeekLet’s hope there aren’t any power outages in July.
  5. Brrrr
    New York’s Upcoming Ice Bar Pushed Back Until SpringMinus5˚ Ice Bar won’t open till spring.
  6. Delays
    Cognoscenti Coffee Culver Is Still Not OpenOne more day until Cognoscenti Coffee Culver Serves the Public. Maybe.
  7. Delays
    Zankou West Hollywood Hits DelaysThe mid-week Fourth of July holiday has thrown the chicken chain’s best laid plans off-course.
  8. Delays
    The Buzz Is Now, But Joanne Is Still Weeks AwayGaga looks like her mother and plugs Joanne.
  9. Delays
    Still Waiting on Mohawk Bend?Even though half the world announced it was open last Monday, fans are still holding their breath.
  10. Delays
    Oh, Those Languishing AristocratsThe Brahmin isn’t opening today after all.
  11. Openings
    Haymarket Opening Pushed BackThe Haymarket Pub & Brewery is waiting for the city to check it out.
  12. Delays
    The Burger Kitchen Delayed Until Next WeekThe first week of April will see beef, not barfi, on third Street.
  13. Delays
    Uptown’s Not-Yet-Open Maraschino Already in the RedThe restaurant is slated to go into Imperial Towers, but it’s already facing foreclosure.
  14. Delays
    Hatfield’s Opening Pushed Back to February2010’s most anticipated opening has a month’s delay.
  15. Delays
    Save The Cream Puffs! Block 37 Runs Into More TroublesThe State Street development faces a possible foreclosure suit.
  16. Delays
    Camacho’s New Olvera Street Project is Late Paying the RentCamacho’s new project in the historic district is threatened by late-payments.
  17. Openings
    Update: La Cachette Bistro Delayed Until Next WeekWe’ll have to wait until next week to get a bite at La Cachette Bistro.
  18. Delays
    ’Tis The Season For Running Behind ScheduleHearty and Mercadito Chicago both push back their opening dates.
  19. Previews
    Sushi Bistro Sets Opening DateLong-delayed sushi restaurant to open this week.
  20. Delays
    Long Island City Is Still Waiting for Dutch KillsWhy hasn’t Sasha Petraske’s Long Island City saloon opened yet?