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  1. openings
    Don’t Call It Del PostoThe bold, big-money plan to transform New York’s most luxurious Italian restaurant.
  2. settlements
    Mario Batali’s Former Restaurant Group to Pay $600K Sexual-Harassment SettlementAn investigation by the office of New York attorney general Letitia James found the business violated city and state human-rights laws.
  3. closings
    Del Posto Is a GonerIt was once the crown jewel of the Batali-Bastianich restaurant group. Now, chef Melissa J. Rodriguez and GM Jeff Katz will transform it.
  4. sexual harassment
    More Employees Speak Out About Harassment at Batali and Bastianich’s RestaurantsStaff allege that the two created an environment that encouraged harassment and abusive behavior.
  5. sexual harassment
    Actress Siobhan Thompson Says Batali Groped Her When She Worked at Del PostoBatali’s first public accuser tells CBS This Morning that he “inappropriately touched her breasts.”
  6. fall preview 2017
    Mark Ladner’s Pasta Flyer Is Almost Ready to Take OffThe former Del Posto chef will cook your penne in ten seconds.
  7. interviews
    The New Chef at NYC’s Most Luxurious Italian Restaurant Plans to Shake Things UpMelissa Rodriguez is ready to step into her role atop the city’s fine-dining scene.
  8. chef shuffle
    One of New York’s Best Restaurants Has a New ChefThe man responsible for the fabled 100-layer lasagna is moving on to a new project.
  9. video feed
    See How One of NYC’s Most Talented Chefs Invented the City’s Best Amuse-BoucheA family meal of tamales made by the restaurant’s Puebla-born butcher inspired the restaurant’s masa-ball soup.
  10. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Pasta in New YorkFrom anelloni to spaghettoni.
  11. The Dish
    How Del Posto Created an Upscale, Gluten-Free, Five-Cheese ManicottiThis is no Little Italy cliché.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Dine at Del Posto; Lady Gaga Visits Her Former Chef atThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  13. Good Causes
    Chefs Have Banded Together to Raise $130,000 and Counting for Eli KulpThe chef is recovering from a devastating injury he suffered in a May Amtrak crash.
  14. Grub Guide
    17 Excellent Options for Mother’s Day Brunch in New YorkDel Posto, Il Buco Alimentari, White Street, and more.
  15. Interviews
    Keller and Ladner: Gluten-Free Trailblazers“It’s only going to get more complicated as you deal with more and more allergens.”
  16. Grub Guides
    14 Tricked-Out Lasagnas That Will Get You Through WinterPasta. Meat. Cheese. Warmth.
  17. The Grub Street Diet
    Brooks Headley Knows Food Is Better When It’s Stolen“Once you are granted permission, it’s no longer tasty or fun.”
  18. Dinner Parties
    Inside Musician Shamir Bailey’s Late-Night Grilled Cheese PartyDelivered by Commodore chef Stephen Tanner.
  19. Dinner Parties
    Del Posto Dinner for 12 in a Studio ApartmentA mattress ended up in the hallway.
  20. Grub Guides
    Burrata Everywhere: 24 Places to Eat Everyone’s Favorite Menu ItemIt’s the new bacon.
  21. Bookshelf
    Here’s What It Looks Like When Eric Wareheim Makes a Cookbook TrailerIt’s like a gastrique made of punk, gluten, and early 1990s public-access TV.
  22. Grub Guides
    14 Restaurants Where It’s Better to Sit at the BarDel Posto, Peasant, Buvette, and more.
  23. Grub Guides
    What You Need to Eat and Drink Before Summer Is Really OverIce cream, fried chicken, rosé, and burgers, of course.
  24. Coming Soon
    Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich Will Take Over La Bottega in the Maritime HotelLet’s all take a trip to “terraced hillsides of Positano.”
  25. Veggie Burgers
    Brooks Headley Has Created the Next-level Veggie BurgerHis Superiority Burger pop-up opens this Sunday.
  26. Opening Soon
    Del Posto’s Brooks Headley Launches Veggie Burger Pop-upIn the former Family Recipe space.
  27. Leftovers
    Fung Tu’s $60 Tasting Menu; Montmartre’s Garden OpensToday’s Leftovers.
  28. Leftovers
    Mission Chinese Pop-up Continues This Week; Davio’s Hosts DelToday’s Leftovers.
  29. Interviews
    Sweet Talk: Chefs Chew Over New York’s Changing Dessert LandscapeKaren DeMasco, Alex Stupak, Brooks Headley, and many others speak up.
  30. Gift Finder 2013
    The Holiday Gift Finder 2013: Regifting-Proof Food BasketsWe asked four great chefs and one cocktail whiz to personalize the impersonal.
  31. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Wells Reviews Two Southeast Asian Spots; Daniel S. MeyerPlus: Hannah Goldfield like Shalom Japan, and more, in this week’s roundup.
  32. Interviews
    Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali on Michelin Stars and Jamie’s U.S. Expansion“As cocky as I am in the U.K., I’m just a little bit frightened in the U.S.”
  33. Quote of the Day
    Less Is More“Negative space” inspires Brooks Headley.
  34. Grub Guides
    17 Places to Grab Great Food and Hear Good Live MusicOda House, Dead Rabbit, Queens Kickshaw, and more.
  35. The Grub Street Diet
    Director Paul Feig Likes His Caesar Salads Spicy“I have an issue with the giant martinis that seem to be around in bars that aren’t quite as cool as they should be.”
  36. Killer Crocs
    Mario Batali Explains His Bold Sense of StyleHe really is the hardest-working restaurateur in the industry.
  37. Video Feed
    Watch the Making of This Incredible Del Posto TimpanoGrandma knows best.
  38. Health Concerns
    Alternative-Flour Power: Gluten-Free Food Enters the Fine-Dining MainstreamIt might be a made-up health craze, but that’s not preventing chefs from making gluten-free food that’s actually pretty good.
  39. Ooh La La
    Check Out the Chefs’ and Restaurateurs’ Looks at Last Night’sSilk suits, Air Jordans, strapless dresses, and more sartorial choices from last night’s big event.
  40. Awards
    Presenting the James Beard Foundation 2013 Chef and Restaurant AwardsNew York had an exceptionally strong showing, with Le Bernardin, wd~50, Blue Hill, Mission Chinese, Del Posto, and Momofuku among the winners.
  41. Leftovers
    Grand Central Oyster Bar Turns 100; Saxon + Parole’s New Takeout LunchPlus: Maison Premiere’s Derby Day party, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  42. Events
    Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich to Go Head-to-Head at Del PostoIt’s going down on April 29.
  43. Bookshelf
    Heady Headley: Del Posto’s Brooks Sells a BookPunk and fondant.
  44. Coming Soon
    Butcher Bar Owners Opening New Astoria Restaurant With Ciano Alum Ryan ByrdThe owners of Butcher Bar are going full-service.
  45. Tasting Tyranny
    How ‘Tyrannical’ Are Fine-Dining Restaurants Really? NewFour hours of oppression at Blanca.
  46. Damage Report
    More Sandy Fallout: Momofuku Was Ready, Batali and Bastianich Take a Big HitAnd River Cafe might have gotten the worst of it.
  47. Celebrity Settings
    Jen Aniston Gets Engaged at Blue Hill; R Patz Copes at PH-DPlus: Men’s Olympic basketball stars take the celebrations Stateside, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  48. taste test
    Mark Ladner Slums It for Store-Bought Pasta TestYou get what you pay for.
  49. NYCE
    Watch Brooks Headley Drum Up Some Sweet Grilled EggplantWith chocolate-chip ricotta and cookies.
  50. Winners
    After Two Earlier Nominations, Mozza’s Matt Molina Scores a James Beard AwardThe restaurant’s mantle must be stuffed with awards by now.
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