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  1. the chain gang
    Arby’s Will Rerelease Deer Sandwiches and Test Out an Elk One, TooThe venison sandwich will be available nationwide this time.
  2. Quote of the Day
    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?Howie Carr cautions against drunken deer hunters, whose season begins today.
  3. WTF
    Your Organic Apples and Fancy Milk Sends Deer Family AwayNo, deer families don’t want your organic food and milk.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Cab Interrupts Dinner at Café HabanaAnd deer run wild through an upstate Wegmans.
  5. Mediavore
    Montco. Meat Factory Goes Union; Hunters Donate Deer to a Local Food BankPlus Continental Airlines to phase out complimentary meals, and Newt Gingrich is leading the war against food stamps, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. What to Eat
    Having a Ball With Lamb and Deer TesticlesFirst of all, they tend to explode. Plus, try lamb testicles at Joe Doe.