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  1. Bull and Cocktails
    Not a Surprise: New York’s Bartenders Haughtily Refuse to Pour CertainBartenders who refuse to make particular cocktails? In New York? Get out of town.
  2. Benefits
    Check Out the Lineup for the Bartenders Ball 2012Drink, and then some, for Sandy relief.
  3. Bookshelf
    Death & Company’s Owner Is Writing a Cocktail BookThe title Hard to Get Into Speakeasy at Home was already taken.
  4. Community Boards
    Death & Co. Has Uncharacteristically Pleasant CB3 ExperienceThe board’s SLA committee approves the bar’s plans to extend its hours.
  5. Tough Doors
    Even Death & Co.’s Owner Can’t Really Get Into Death & Co.Alex Day and Dave Kaplan have to drink in the downstairs office.
  6. Empire Building
    More Details on Death & Co.’s FiDi Project, Demi MondeThe first phase is slated for early in the New Year.
  7. Sloshed
    Can the Margarita Reclaim Its Cool?Matthew Latkiewicz sets out to see if it’s possible to track down a margarita that’s more in line with today’s high-end cocktail culture.
  8. Empire Building
    Death & Co. Serving Again; Plus, Details on the Financial District Coffee andThere’ll be sandwiches and a serious coffee program to serve local workers.
  9. Empire Building
    Still No Life at Death & Co., But Plans for a FiDi ExpansionOwner David Kaplan plans to open a 120-seat cocktail bar on Stone Street as early as this summer.
  10. Temporary Closings
    Death & Co. Will Come Back to Life Monday at the LatestThe cocktail bar didn’t open back up last night as expected.
  11. Speakcheesies
    When Are All the Prohibition-Era Bar Names Going to Get Used Up, Already?A glossary of bars with speakeasy-type names.
  12. Slideshow
    First Look at Cienfuegos, Ravi DeRossi of Death & Co.’s Cuban Rum BarCheck out the space, the menu, and the rum punches by Charlotte Voisey of Rose Bar.
  13. Empire Building
    The Edison Plans a New York OutpostOwner Andrew Meieran will again inhabit a historic building to house the cutting-edge of cocktail culture.
  14. New York Imports
    New York’s Death & Co. Coming to Downtown L.A.Bartender Alex Day is leading the West Coast expansion of one of New York’s most popular bars.
  15. Booze News
    Radio Room Returns to The Edison, February 23rdThe monthly event brings together the best in the cocktail biz.
  16. Openings
    Ravi DeRossi of Mayahuel and Death & Co. Will Open Rum BarCienfuegos will have a Cuban sandwich shop, too.
  17. Hours of Operation
    After Midnight: Death & Co. Is Now Serving Till 2 a.m.Join in the celebration this Sunday.
  18. Mediavore
    Bagatelle Expands Uptown; Gourmet’s Cause of DeathPlus: Death & Co. looks west, and boneless chicken wings have their moment, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Neighborhood Watch
    Sunday Special at Death & Co.; New Food Cart in ChelseaPlus: Specialty sweet bread at Grandaisy, and the latest beer-and-sausage hall lands in Fort Greene.
  20. Booze News
    Death & Co. Can Now Serve Booze Till 2011The State Liquor Authority has finally granted it a legit license.
  21. Chef Shuffle
    Luis Gonzales Offers New Menus at Mayahuel and Death & Co.Plus, a look at Death & Co.’s new cocktail offerings.
  22. Other Cities
    Meanwhile in the Mid-Atlantic: Death & Co. Confirms Philly Rumors, Beatrice DoesHaute cocktails come to the Rittenhouse Square area.
  23. Lists
    Best Cocktails, Again’Food & Wine’ picks the best cocktail bars in the country.
  24. Menu Changes
    Luis Gonzales Will Bring ‘Oaxacan Fusion’ to MayahuelA Vongerichten protégé is preparing a menu of small plates. The bar menu launches tomorrow.
  25. Openings
    Madre de Dios! Phil Ward’s Tequila Bar, Mayahuel, Is UnearthedA first look inside the La Esquina–like brown-liquor bar.
  26. Cocktails
    Confirmed: Death & Co.’s Philip Ward Will Open Tequila BarWord is, it’ll be called Mayahuel.
  27. Recession Is Your Friend
    Very Happy HourElettaria is offering $7 cocktails. Good ones, too.
  28. Absurdity
    Beard AwardsWhich bartender has the best beard?
  29. Marketing Gimmicks
    Bartenders to Compete for Beard Awards (Meaning Actual Beards)Are beards the new handlebar mustaches?
  30. Trends
    Does the ‘Times’ Cocktail Story Hold Water?Sure, molecular mixology exists, but how many New York bartenders actually practice it?
  31. Menus
    Flippin’ AwesomeDeath & Co. releases its flip-heavy fall drinks menu.
  32. Cocktail Kings
    ‘Slow Drink Week’ Finds Cocktail Legends Showing Off Their ScotchGary Regan, David Wondrich, and Dale DeGroff will compete in a Blue Blazer competition to benefit Slow Food.
  33. Prohibition
    Death & WoeDeath & Co. owner David Kaplan is now suing his landlord in addition to the State Liquor Authority.
  34. Brunch Wars
    Allen & Delancey Debuts Cocktail Program Tonight, Brunch This WeekendPrepare yourself: The new cocktail list works just a little differently.
  35. NewsFeed
    State Liquor Authority Snuffs Out Bad Karma
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Healthy Desserts in the LES; Williamsburger’s Slogan Is a BustBeatrice doorman becomes a model, and reported rodent in Wendy’s chili, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  37. NewsFeed
    $5 Margaveza Among ‘GQ’ Top 20 Cocktails in AmericaA punky Brooklynite is in distinguished Manhattan company.
  38. NewsFeed
    205 Fights the SLA for Taking Its Liquor License AwayDeath & Co. isn’t the only bar suing the State Liquor Authority in order to stay open. Lower East Side dance den 205 is also pleading its case to the Supreme Court.
  39. NewsFeed
    Le Souk, Death & Co. Continue to Fight the SLABoth clubs are fighting the SLA’s refusal to renew their liquor licenses in court.
  40. Ask a Waiter
    Alex Day of Death & Co. Cringes Over Dirty MartinisSix months ago, Alex Day considered himself a groupie of Death & Co.’s bartenders. Now he has crossed over to the other side of the bar.
  41. NewsFeed
    Ice, Ice Baby: Gleaming the City’s Best CubesNot until recently have the city’s mixologists been giving frozen water the attention it deserves. A look inside the freezer reveals everything from perfect spheres to raspberry ice to 8” spikes.
  42. NewsFeed
    David Bouley Stymied by Community Board 1 in Move That’s Increasingly CommonAs Grub readers know, community-board-meeting shitshows end up determining what you eat, drink, and, in the case of the abandoned Forty Deuce space (which will now house Chris Eddy’s sushi spot), what sort of celebs and semi-nudity you may or may not be able to feast your eyes upon on a Monday night. Consider the case of recently opened Mercury Dime, which wanted wine, but ended up serving coffee. Or the plight of Death & Co., which now has to close at midnight and may end up gone for good. Or David Bouley’s attempt to open Brushstrokes, which Eater reports was again stymied by Community Board 1 last night, though Bouley will have one more chance to plead his case later this month.
  43. Mediavore
    A Recession-Proof Restaurant Scene?; Death & Co. Owner Disgusted by HasslesWith all the exciting new restaurants opening in town, you’d never know there’s talk of a recession. But Frank Bruni figures anything opening now was planned a few years ago in better economic times, which makes us worry about restaurant openings in 2010. [NYT] Death & Co. can continue to operate until mid-April, but don’t expect owner David Kaplan to produce any more nightlife destinations after that: “I’ll never open another bar, another restaurant, a deli, a fucking bodega — I’ll never open up anything ever again in New York.” [NYO] The current cocktail craze has led to a lot of handmade – and therefore illegal – ingredients being mixed into drinks. Marijuana-infused gin, anyone? [NYP]
  44. NewsFeed
    Out-of-Town Mixologists Will Show Us a Little Thing or TwoPhilip Ward, head barkeep at Death & Co., is hoping to broaden the relatively small world of Manhattan mixology by launching a bartender exchange program that he says is the first of its kind. This week the bar welcomes Kirk Estopinal from Chicago’s the Violet Hour, who brings to the bartop his own house-made bitters and a little something known as a “black lime,” wherein a lime is cooked in salt water, dehydrated, and zested into a drink such as a tea punch. (Let’s hope someone has told the out-of-towner to glove up before handling the lime — the Health Department is watching.) Next month Ward swaps duties with a bartender at Alembic, a San Francisco favorite, and the following month a mixologist from London cocktail mecca the Lonsdale will cross the pond. If you can think of any other mixologists who’d be an asset to Death & Co. (and who are based in cities its bartenders might actually want to travel to), do name them in the comments.
  45. Celebrity Settings
    Momofuku, Freemans, Spotted Pig Honchos Break Bread With Stephen Starr Our favorite celebrity sighting of the week was, of course, Lindsay Lohan at Peter Luger on Tuesday night — that’s because we saw her with our own eyes. Of course, we can’t be everywhere and see everyone, so as usual we’ve combed the gossip columns for other stop-ins. We’re sorry we missed Tracy Morgan at the Plumm, shirtless and offering to father babies as usual, and boy do we wish we were a fly on the wall when partners Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer, along with David Chang, dined with Stephen Starr at Buddakan. Is there a Spotted Buddafuku in the works?
  46. Mediavore
    EPA Joins Mercury Craze; A ‘Seinfeld’–Inspired Food StudyThe Environmental Protection Agency is beginning to examine the mercury levels in the twenty most commonly eaten fish in the New York City region. [NYT] Top Chef seductress/hostess Padma Lakshmi is moving into a full-floor loft in Alphabet City. [The Real Estate/NYO] The holy triumvirate of burgers, fries, and milk shakes continues to dominate the nation’s culinary imagination. [NRN]
  47. Openings
    Williamsburg’s First Cocktail Palace Is Revealed Eater must’ve spotted us at Hotel Delmano on Friday because they took a break from their holiday yesterday to post interior shots of Billyburg’s first cocktail palace, from the owners of Union Pool. We might’ve done the same — that’s how impressive this place is — but we confess to being too hung-over from one too many elderflower tequila gimlets, which is what happens when you ask the barkeep there to make you something with tequila. That and a tequila with grenadine and bitters made “by hand” (hence the moniker “Delmano”). As for the cocktail list, the Commandant’s Cocktail is the only original one and the most expensive at $14 (it contains pear cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice, and green chartreuse), but mixologist Jeff Hanson’s $9 to $12 renditions of the Last Word, Corpse Reviver No. 2, the Hemingway Daiquiri, and the Seelbach Cocktail are plenty revelatory.
  48. NewsFeed
    Death & Co. Says It Has at Least Four Months, Cops Pay a VisitA reader who went to Death & Co. on Saturday for a simple Bitter French wrote to tell us that she was treated to a real-live episode of Law & Order when she rolled up to the bar and found a police van parked outside. Something to do with the State Liquor Authority’s efforts to kibosh the place?
  49. NewsFeed
    Death & Co. Fights SLA, and We Have the Papers In an article in The Villager this week, State Liquor Authority spokesman Bill Crowley claims that Death & Co. has lost its license to serve and could be closed for “illegally trafficking alcohol.” But partner David Kaplan disputes the story.
  50. Mediavore
    Sign On to FohBoh; Stay Dry at Death & Co.There’s a new social-networking site for members of the restaurant industry called FohBoh, but if you’re not an industry insider, you can enjoy the forums, blogs, and videos on all aspects of food. [Red Herring via The Grinder/Chow] Le Bernadin’s Eric Ripert will open a new restaurant called 10 Arts at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton this spring. [Zagat Buzz] A lot of people may be freaking out over the FDA’s approval of meat and milk from cloned livestock for consumption, but cloned food products have been in the food supply for some time. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] Related: FDA to Beef Industry: Send in the Clones
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