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Dear Mom

  1. Nonstaurants
    Marla Bakery Popping Up Twice This Weekend, for BrunchThey’ll be at Dear Mom and Firehouse 8.
  2. Nonstaurants
    Rice Cracker Sushi Pops Up With Pot Roast Rolls, Other ‘Comfort Food SushiBuffalo chicken roll, anyone?
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Sneaky’s BBQ Pops Up Tonight at Dear Mom; Pal’s Takeaway Might HaveAnd Hai Lai Seafood is coming to the former Mayflower in the Richmond.
  4. Bars
    Mission Hill Saloon Closing, Becoming Part of Thieves EmpireThere’s a farewell party on Monday, February 27.
  5. Mediavore
    Cuco’s Closing in the Lower Haight!; Pizza Hacker Pops Up; and MoreAlso, Surf Spot is headed to Half Moon Bay.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Gold Dust Lounge Owners to Stage Press Conference; Pickle-Backs at Dear Mom,;
  7. Brunch
    Dear Mom, Launches ‘Bartenders’ Brunch’
  8. Bars
    Dear Mom Has Human-Sized Connect Four Game, Still No Liquor LicenseThey should have the license shortly.
  9. Openings
    Dear Mom Opens Tonight in the Mission, Complete With French-y Food MenuThe new bar at 16th and Harrison just barely got their liquor license.
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Mina Hires Del Posto Chef; Celebrate the Oxford Companion to Beer at
  11. Empire Building
    Dear Mom, Featuring Food From Laurent Katgely and Stiff Drinks, Coming to 16thThe menu is French-inspired but pubby.