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  1. chef shuffles
    One of America’s Best Food Writers Just Took an NYC Chef JobDavid Tanis once ran the kitchen at Chez Panisse.
  2. the grub street diet
    Cookbook Author David Tanis Knows Lamb Noodles Are Perfect With Cold Beer“Everything depends on what the weather’s like, what’s at the market, who’s coming for dinner, and their horoscope. Just kidding.”
  3. Foodievents
    David Tanis and El Rey’s Gerardo Gonzalez Are Hosting a ‘JungleOn March 18 and 19.
  4. Foodievents
    David Tanis Cooking at Estela Tomorrow NightThe former Chez Panisse chef and celebrated author will contribute several dishes to the Nolita restaurant’s regular menu.
  5. Fire Damage
    David Tanis Reminisces About Chez Panisse’s Destroyed PorchIt was an area reserved for VIPs, and was a last vestige of the original restaurant remodel in 1971.
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Jerome Waag to Replace David Tanis as Chez Panisse Co-ChefCurrently a sous chef and in the kitchen since 1991, Waag seems like a natural choice.
  7. Anniversaries
    Chez Panisse’s 40th: Photos & TidbitsChez Panisse: “a dysfunctional family. You run away, you come back.”
  8. Food Journalism
    David Tanis’s Times Column DebutsAnd it’s all about cooking beans in the city.
  9. Chef Shuffles
    David Tanis Leaving Chez PanisseThe longtime chef in the downstairs restaurant is taking his leave this fall.
  10. Mediavore
    Saison Adds Thursdays; Nasty Facts About Nigella