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David Sax

  1. Wry Rye
    Pastrami, Smoked Meat, and the Future of the DeliThe future of the Jewish deli is at stake. Pass the mustard.
  2. Leftovers
    Foreign & Domestic at City Grit; Big Gay Ice Cream West Village OpensPlus, pour one out for Stage Deli, Hakkasan does dim sum, and then some, all in today’s leftovers.
  3. James Beard Awards
    Who Won at the James Beard Foundation Media AwardsBig wins for Ed Levine and the cookbook of the year.
  4. Eatiquette
    More Kvetching About TippingIs “the Great Roundup” really the most tasteful term for short-changing?
  5. Eatiquette
    Today in Customer KvetchingFood writers speak out against 20 percent tipping and bad restaurant experiences.
  6. Mediavore
    Marcel Vigneron Caters Mark Liddell Launch; Mr. T Loves Junior’s DeliWe get a peek at the food of a Top Chef runner-up, while Mr. T’s eating habits buck deli stereotypes.
  7. Previews
    Mission District to Get an East Coast DeliClare’s may fulfill David Sax’s prophecy of a new old-school deli.
  8. Foodievents
    The Future of the Deli: Grass-Fed Pastrami?When deli expert David Sax visits Saul’s for a reading tomorrow he’ll find virtuously raised meats.
  9. Lists
    Ask the Experts: The Best Delis and Chinese Food in TownThe authors of two recent books, one about delis and the other about Chinese food, name their faves.
  10. Bookshelf
    Buy a Book, Save a DeliWatch the trailer for David Sax’s new book, ‘Save the Deli.’
  11. Back of the House
    Don’t Delay — Save the Deli!We’re glad that the Second Avenue Deli will be making a comeback, even if it is on Third Avenue. But there’s no getting away from the fact that — between cultural assimilation and the continued ascendancy of corporate chains — old-time Jewish delis are an endangered species. That’s why David Sax launched Save the Deli, a Website that he promises will include “essays on deli culture, a growing database of Jewish delis around the world, podcasts, video, [and] photos.” (Sax has previously contributed to Daily Intelligencer.) Not only that, but he’ll be hawking merchandise — shirts, hats, and even thongs with the site’s logo on them — gotta pay for all that chopped liver one way or another. Sax will travel across the U.S. and Canada, documenting the delis as they disappear like sour tomatoes from a jar. David, we salute you. Our complimentary thong can be sent care of New York Magazine. Save the Deli [Official site]