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  1. David Lynch Finally Releases Twin Peaks Beers“You know, this is — excuse me — a damn fine coffee stout.”
  2. Fire Damage
    Fire Shutters Du-Par’s Studio CityThe restaurant is closed pending a Health Department inspection.
  3. Oeno-File
    You Can Now Buy Wine at St. Vincent for Retail PricesThey’re offering six bottles for take-home purposes as part of their new wine-merchant program.
  4. Oeno-File
    Wine Guru David Lynch Thinks You Need More Madeira in Your LifeAlso, Cremant de Bourgogne.
  5. Oeno-File
    Regarding All Those Half-Full Wine Bottles at St. VincentWhere do they end up if they aren’t sold?
  6. Previews
    Sneak a Peek at the Menu at St. Vincent, Due (Probably) Next WeekWe’ve got a few more details from owner David Lynch himself.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    David Lynch Spotted Dining Alone at SPQR
  8. Coffee Talk
    David Lynch’s New Coffee Ad Scares UsThe filmmaker releases his second commercial for his coffee line, and we suppose this is his idea of sexy?
  9. Previews
    St. Vincent Hires a Chef and a CiceroneThe new restaurant in the former Heart space is opening sometime fairly soon.
  10. Oeno-File
    Quince Steals a Sommelier From Eleven Madison
  11. Closings
    Heart to Close, Will Become St. Vincent, an ‘American Osteria’ FromThe consulting chef will be Chris Kronner, formerly of Bar Tartine.
  12. Oeno-File
    Bible-Length Wine Lists Are So Over; Virginia Wineries Unscathed by EarthquakeAlso, this harvest expected to be “late and light” in Napa.
  13. Other Magazines
    Sommelier David Lynch Does Bond Pose on Cover of San Francisco Magazine“I thought it would be a fun outtake to give to my wife, not the cover of a freakin’ magazine!” says Lynch.
  14. Oenofile
    David Lynch Gets Over His ‘East Coast Snobbery’ at QuinceQuince wine director is focusing on Italian selections but discovering a new love of American wines as well.
  15. Reopenings
    What to Eat (and Drink) at Quince, Launching TonightThe new, downtown inception of Quince features a new menu and wine list. And it’s booked solid.
  16. Previews
    Tusk Plans New Menus, New Focus at New QuinceMichael Tusk says his cooking has been “re-energized” through his new partnership with fellow italianophile David Lynch.
  17. Mediavore
    Tailor Launches D.J. Night; Top Chef Leah Promoted at CentroPlus: Venezuela bans Coke Zero and wine man David Lynch leaves New York, all in our morning news roundup.