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    David Letterman’s Final Show Included His Legendary Taco Bell Prank“Wait a minute, I’m not exactly a computer. Slow down.”
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    14 Clips of David Letterman Cooking With Everyone From Liberace to Daniel BouludSoufflés, and carving pumpkins with chainsaws alongside Martha Stewart.
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    Watch Alec Baldwin Discuss Diabetes and Foods Worth Dying for With DavidHe’d risk his life for butterscotch candies.
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    Watch Anthony Bourdain Tell David Letterman How His New Show Differs From NoYou see, only ‘No Reservations’ is about “me me me.”
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    Global Ocean Life Threatened With Extinction; IHOP Looks to The Middle EastA new study finds the ocean in much worse condition than previously predicted.
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    ‘Page Six’ Can’t Tell the Difference Between Curtis Stone andPlus: The Naked Chef educates Letterman in the ways of beaver anal gland.
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    Ring in the Holidays With Some Vintage Martha Video CheerSee Martha with Miss Piggy ca. 1995, and Martha with David Letterman ca. 1990.
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    Letterman Thinks Food TV Is TastelessHe’s the latest to frown on Man v. Food.
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    Unless Madonna Is Lactose Intolerant, There Is Just No Excuse for Her SliceShe tries her first NYC slice — without cheese?
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    Food Supplies and Pet Food Needed for Fire Evacuees; Mel’s Drive-In Rewards YelpRed Cross and Salvation Army need your pet food for Station fire victims, and Mel’s Drive-In is giving discounts to its Yelp critics.
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    Old Town Weighs In on the Whole Palin-Letterman ThingThe bar is just as charming as ever!
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    How Gordon Ramsay Manages His Empire“We keep in touch,” the chef tells David Letterman.