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David Kaplan

  1. Fusterclucks
    David Kaplan and Alex Day Have Left Demi MondeThe Death & Co. partners severed the relationship last month.
  2. Bookshelf
    Death & Company’s Owner Is Writing a Cocktail BookThe title Hard to Get Into Speakeasy at Home was already taken.
  3. Empire Building
    More Details on Death & Co.’s FiDi Project, Demi MondeThe first phase is slated for early in the New Year.
  4. Empire Building
    Death & Co. Serving Again; Plus, Details on the Financial District Coffee andThere’ll be sandwiches and a serious coffee program to serve local workers.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Rosa Mexicano Announces New Cocktail Menu; Tasting at the Chocolate LibraryPlus: a downtown soup tour, buffet special at the Delta Grill, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Jacopo’s Closes in Beverly Hills; Scoops Opens in PalmsThe 40-year-old pizza place says it’s been hit too hard by the economic downturn to remain open.
  7. Other Cities
    Meanwhile in the Mid-Atlantic: Death & Co. Confirms Philly Rumors, Beatrice DoesHaute cocktails come to the Rittenhouse Square area.
  8. Prohibition
    Death & WoeDeath & Co. owner David Kaplan is now suing his landlord in addition to the State Liquor Authority.
  9. Mediavore
    A Recession-Proof Restaurant Scene?; Death & Co. Owner Disgusted by HasslesWith all the exciting new restaurants opening in town, you’d never know there’s talk of a recession. But Frank Bruni figures anything opening now was planned a few years ago in better economic times, which makes us worry about restaurant openings in 2010. [NYT] Death & Co. can continue to operate until mid-April, but don’t expect owner David Kaplan to produce any more nightlife destinations after that: “I’ll never open another bar, another restaurant, a deli, a fucking bodega — I’ll never open up anything ever again in New York.” [NYO] The current cocktail craze has led to a lot of handmade – and therefore illegal – ingredients being mixed into drinks. Marijuana-infused gin, anyone? [NYP]