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  1. empire building
    David Chang Is Launching a Media EmpireMajordomo Media will produce podcasts, television development, and editorial.
  2. Trendlet
    How the Humble Cacio e Pepe Transcended Its RootsWhy do chefs love that ancient alchemy of sharp cheese, black pepper, olive oil, and pasta plus cooking water?
  3. Other Magazines
    David Chang Says Ramen Is DeadLong live ramen!
  4. Expansions
    Momofuku Will Open in Washington, D.C.“It’s going to be exactly what we do and nothing like what we do at the same time.”
  5. Other Magazines
    Here’s the Handsome Cover for Lucky Peach’sThe food magazine’s newest issue comes out August 19.
  6. Shackiversary
    Shake Shack Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Burgers From Daniel Boulud, AprilThere’s also going to be free cake made by some guy named Dominique Ansel.
  7. Rumors
    Momofuku Rumored for Washington, D.C.Neither the developer nor the restaurant group will confirm.
  8. Other Magazines
    Here’s the Cover for Lucky Peach’s ‘All You CanThe magazine hits newsstands (and Momofuku Milk Bar stores) May 20.
  9. Other Magazines
    Here’s the Cover For Lucky Peach’s ‘StreetThe magazine comes out February 25.
  10. Other Magazines
    Here’s Lucky Peach’s ‘Cooks & Chefs 2.0’ CoverPlus, details on the mini-magazine shipping within the magazine.
  11. Lists
    Michelin Releases 2014 NYC Star RatingsCarbone and the Musket Room are new Michelin-star holders.
  12. Video Feed
    Here’s How Dave Chang Makes Fried Chicken With CaviarFried chicken bedazzled with caviar? Momofuku’s on it.
  13. Video Feed
    Here’s a Preview for the Second Season of Mind of a ChefThe Anthony Bourdain-produced show returns to PBS on September 7.
  14. Awards
    Presenting the James Beard Foundation 2013 Chef and Restaurant AwardsNew York had an exceptionally strong showing, with Le Bernardin, wd~50, Blue Hill, Mission Chinese, Del Posto, and Momofuku among the winners.
  15. Top Notch
    Hey, New York Has 9 Restaurants on the ‘World’s 100 Best’ ListHere’s what moved (what shaked, too) on the 2013 list.
  16. Foodievents
    Details on the Momofuku ‘Late Night Dinner Series’ With ZahavGet your seat now.
  17. You Have a Visitor
    Looks Like Philadelphia’s Zahav May Come to Visit MomofukuThere may be some NYC-Philly cross-pollination coming up soon.
  18. Diggity
    PDT Unveils Mapo-Tofu-Topped ‘Mission Chinese Dog’It’s like a chili-cheese extravaganza, only with 3000 percent more Sichuan peppercorns.
  19. Wanting Won Tons
    Chefs Recommend Chinese Restaurants for ChristmasDeck the halls with hand-pulled noodles.
  20. Video Feed
    Watch Aziz Ansari Eat Wilensky’s in The Mind of a ChefThat’s a lot of bologna.
  21. Foodievents
    Check Out the Lineup for Momofuku’s Benefit to Rebuild GovernorHelp Governor rebuild.
  22. Beef
    Burn Sauce: A Short History of Chefs Insulting BloggersChefs sharpen their knives and save their barbs.
  23. Video Feed
    Watch René Redzepi Ferment the Hell Out of Some Grubs and GrasshoppersThe future of condiments is now.
  24. Lo Mein
    What to Expect From Lucky Peach 5, the Chinatown IssueIssue No. 5 is all about Chinatown.