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  1. openings
    All-Star Cocktail Bar Existing Conditions Opens Monday in Greenwich VillageThe mission at Existing Conditions is to improve cocktails via science and serve them without a hint of frippery or intimidation.
  2. Interviews
    Dave Arnold Wants to Disarm the Idea of ‘Natural’ FoodHe’s the mastermind of the Museum of Food and Drink’s new exhibit, all about real and fake flavors.
  3. Coming Soon
    A Mini Version of the Museum of Food and Drink Will Open on October 28The first exhibition is called “Flavor: Making It and Faking It.”
  4. Leftovers
    Taste of Tribeca Tickets; Dave Arnold’s Cocktail ClassPlus: cheeseburger deal at Clarke’s Standard, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  5. Quote of the Day
    Dave Arnold on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Comfort FoodTakeaway: Disarmament treaties with mac and cheese yield the best results.
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Tristan Willey Leaves Booker and DaxThe bartender apparently has his next gig lined up already.
  7. Video Feed
    Watch Dave Arnold Snap, Crackle, and Pop the Hell Out of Some GrainsYour morning breakfast, exploded.
  8. Chef Hacks
    Chef Hacks: How to Instantly Infuse Alcohol With a Whipped-Cream SiphonThen clarify the mixture with milk — Mr. Wizard was never this cool.
  9. Home Appliances And Gardens
    Wylie Dufresne Builds a Playhouse, Dave Arnold Says ‘Consider theHouse parties with these guys must be a blast.
  10. Video Feed
    Dave Arnold Made a Bangkok Daiquiri on Jimmy FallonChilled with liquid nitrogen, of course.
  11. The Other Critics
    Dave Arnold Dreams of SushiThe sporks are the best part.
  12. Schemes
    Dave Arnold and David Chang Planning a Secretive Chinatown Lab for Booker & DaxThey’re finally going to get to develop the kitchen and bar equipment they’ve been dreaming up.
  13. Momo World
    Dave Arnold and David Chang Are Officially in the Drinkz Biz TogetherWhere there was once crack pie, there is a liquid nitrogen martini.
  14. The Grub Street Diet
    Food-Science Expert Dave Arnold Gorges on Duck Lunch, Steals Cocktail Ideas in“Lulo makes a nice foam, so I wanted to see what it was like when it was shaken.”
  15. Dream Teams
    Dave Arnold’s Latest SchemeMad mixologist Dave teams up with Momofuku Dave.
  16. Foodievents
    Guest-Chef Mania: Michael Schwartz at Harrison’s, Aitor Basabe at BarChang, Dufresne, Ladner, Casella, and others team up to raise funds for the Museum of Food and Drink.
  17. New York Culinary Experience
    Pop Shot: Watch Dave Arnold’s Champagne-Sabering DemoThe French Culinary Institute instructor explains the finer points of popping corks with a knife.
  18. Foodievents
    Eben Freeman Headlines Veritable CocktailapaloozaCocktail All-Stars details have been unleashed.
  19. Temporary Closings
    Tailor Closes Dining Room for Summer But Keeps Bar AliveRelax, Eben Freeman’s libations aren’t going anywhere for now.
  20. Booze News
    A Long Island Iced Tea We’d DrinkPrepare for pork-rind cracker jacks and a “Long Island Iced Bubble Tea.”
  21. Openings
    A First Tantalizing Glimpse of ‘Woodson and Ford’A first glimpse of the mysterious speakeasy.
  22. Previews
    Iuzzini and Mendes Offer Tapas and TipplesAn early preview of their new projects.
  23. Openings
    More on Johnny Iuzzini’s Cocktail ConceptIuzzini and mad mixologist Dave Arnold are looking for investors.
  24. Fun With Liquid Nitrogen
    Mad MixologistThe creator of the alcoholic pickle is back with the coolest martini ever.
  25. In Other Magazines
    Dave Arnold’s Alcoholic Pickle of the FutureThe Times Magazine’s annual examination of “big ideas” brings news of some culinary innovations such as a food-processing technique that helps farmed fish taste more like wild fish (encouraging fast-food companies to make the switch to the former) and packaging that will allow us to tell whether supermarket meat is rotten, which is of no consequence to those in another article who practice “vegansexuality” by forgoing liaisons with carnivores. The most curious item, though, explores French Culinary Institute head Dave Arnold’s ingenious method of combining two of our favorite things — booze and pickles — by pickling cucumbers with a martini’s worth of gin and vermouth. Watch the video and you’ll see the dapper Arnold use a vacuum machine to turn the cucumber opaque while gin rushes into its air holes — easily the hottest thing in mixology since the “hard shake.” The Edible Cocktail Tell-Tale Food Wrapping Vegansexuality Fish-Flavored Fish [NYT]