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Danny Grant

  1. Closings
    Curse of the Food & Wine Best New Chef: Danny Grant Leaving, RIA ClosingMichelin two-star to close, Food & Wine best new chef to move on.
  2. Interviews
    RIA’s Danny Grant On What It’s Like To Be a Food & Wine Best New ChefDanny Grant of RIA on life as a Food & Wine best new chef.
  3. Chefs
    Chicago Chefs Danny Grant, Josh Habiger Named Food & Wine Best New ChefsDanny Grant at RIA, Alinea vet Josh Habiger among Food & Wine Best New Chefs.
  4. The Food Chain
    RIA’s Danny Grant Can’t Stop Thinking About the Guinea-Fowl Terrine“The terrine was incredibly balanced in flavor and equally as intricate and appealing in presentation.”
  5. The Food Chain
    Anita Lo Praises RIA’s ‘Pristine’ Sea Scallop and Octopus With“The flavors are simple and precise.”
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Why Jason McLeod Left RiaMcLeod apparently left on good terms.