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  1. chef shuffle
    Daniel Humm Is Leaving His London Restaurant Over Vegan Vision“This is not the path we wish to follow here at Claridge’s at the moment.”
  2. beef
    How to Eat in Eleven Madison Park’s ‘Secret Meat Room’The word is out: Daniel Humm still serves (some) beef at his high-end vegetable restaurant.
  3. reopening
    Does Eleven Madison Park’s Vegan-Friendly Menu Live Up to the Hype?An amateur vegan and a professional food critic debate the merits of chef Daniel Humm’s intricate vegetable cooking.
  4. veggies
    Why Daniel Humm’s Decision to Eliminate Meat Is a Huge DealHe’s not the first chef to embrace plant-based eating, but he has a singular platform to explain its benefits.
  5. veggies
    Eleven Madison Park Will Reopen Next Month With a Fully Plant-Based Menu“It was clear that after everything we all experienced this past year, we couldn’t open the same restaurant.”
  6. ch-ch-changes
    Daniel Humm Will Part Ways With the NoMad HotelIt’s the Eleven Madison Park chef’s second big breakup in the past year.
  7. shuffles
    Daniel Humm and Will Guidara Are Breaking UpThe duo behind Eleven Madison Park are going their separate ways.
  8. empire building
    The Eleven Madison Park Guys Are Going to LondonDaniel Humm and Will Guidara will open Davies and Brook there this summer.
  9. reopenings
    Eleven Madison Park Reopens With a Stark, Striking New Menu“I want it all to be much more accessible.”
  10. openings
    Eleven Madison Park’s Owners Have Debuted a New Fast-Casual RestaurantNew chicken-frites dinners launch next week.
  11. empire building
    The Real Cost and Benefit of Opening an International Restaurant Pop-up“It is basically the most elaborate, challenging, and time-consuming team-building exercise you can do.”
  12. honors
    How Eleven Madison Park Became the World’s Best RestaurantAnd what the honor actually means.
  13. pop-ups
    Here’s How to Get Reservations for Eleven Madison Park’s Hamptons Pop-upDaniel Humm and Will Guidara will temporarily relocate while they renovate the original.
  14. empire building
    Eleven Madison Park’s Owners Will Open a New Restaurant DowntownThey have a lot on their hands.
  15. Famed Chef Wylie Dufresne Will Cook at NYC’s Nomad Bar for 6 WeeksRye pasta, pigs in a blanket, and modernist eggs Benedict will be available at Daniel Humm’s restaurant until December.
  16. listen
    Why Veggie Burgers Are Poised to Be the New Go-to Burger of ChoiceCan plant patties become the cutting-edge burger of choice?
  17. Expansions
    Eataly and Daniel Humm’s NoMad Will Open Las Vegas LocationsComing in 2018.
  18. Pop-Ups
    Christopher Kostow Cooking at the Nomad BarThe Restaurant at Meadowood chef’s food will be available at Daniel Humm’s Nomad Bar for the next month.
  19. New Year New EMP
    Eleven Madison Park Will Change Up Its Menu and ServiceThere will be seven courses (instead of 14), and service will be more casual.
  20. Empire Building
    The Eleven Madison Park Team Will Open a Fast-Casual RestaurantMade Nice, a new counter-service spot with dishes costing between $10 and $15, will open next year.
  21. Expansions
    The NoMad Is Expanding to Downtown Los AngelesThis is Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s first project outside of New York.
  22. The Tipping Game
    Eleven Madison Park Will Eliminate TipsThe restaurant will go service-included in 2016.
  23. Collaborations
    Daniel Humm and David Chang Join ForcesTheir Ssäm Sauce–inspired prawn-and-tomato toast will be available at both Momofuku Ssam Bar and the NoMad Bar tomorrow through September 30.
  24. Veggie Burgers
    Chef Daniel Humm Officially Enters the Veggie-Burger FrayThe Michelin-starred chef has added another grade-A plant-based burger to one of his menus.
  25. Coming Sort of Soon
    The Eleven Madison Park Team to Open a ‘Four Seasons on Steroids’It’ll be inside a new office tower at 425 Park Avenue.
  26. Little Fish
    The World’s Best Chefs Will Serve Bait Fish to Help Save the OceanRené Redzepi, Grant Achatz, Daniel Humm, and others will serve things like haute anchovies and sardines to celebrate World Oceans Day.
  27. The Other Critics
    The Times Just Awarded Eleven Madison Park Its Highest Honor (Again)Though the four-star review gets off to what you might call a shaky start.
  28. Interviews
    Dan Barber’s Food-Waste Pop-up Launches Tonight With Pickle Butts,“It’s part of the DNA of what it means to be a chef,” Barber says.
  29. Restaurant Review
    Restaurant Review: At NoMad Bar and Bar Primi, Bar Food Gets Some SeriousTwo stars apiece for these high-decibel dining destinations.
  30. What to Eat
    The Nomad Bar Will Serve Canlis Salads for Two Weeks OnlyBrian Canlis has been semi-covertly working at the restaurant since May.
  31. What to Eat
    The Nomad Bar Serves the World’s Most Luxurious Chicken Pot PieIt’s $36, and a server drops skewered foie gras inside at the table. (There’s other stuff to eat and drink, too.)
  32. Will Guidara and Daniel Humm Score Deal for NoMad CookbookIt comes out in the fall of 2015.
  33. Video Feed
    This Goodfellas-Inspired Promo for the NoMad’s New Bar Is PrettyTalk about tracking shots.
  34. Empire Building
    Why Shake Shack and Eleven Madison Park Only Exist Because of Each Other“Without Shake Shack, I’m not sure that Eleven Madison Park would have survived.”
  35. Shackiversary
    Longest-Ever Shake Shack Line Happening Again, Now With Champagne and TrufflesIt does have sliced black truffles on it, after all.
  36. Shackiversary
    Shake Shack Customers Waited 109 Million Minutes for HamburgersThat’s 208 days.
  37. Shackiversary
    Shake Shack Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Burgers From Daniel Boulud, AprilThere’s also going to be free cake made by some guy named Dominique Ansel.
  38. Coddling
    Hardcore Coddling: How Eleven Madison Park Modernized Elite, Old-School ServiceEleven Madison Park’s every-last-detail style of service is a throwback to a more civilized style of dining.
  39. Foodievents
    Daniel Humm, René Redzepi, Barbara Lynch, and More Cooking Epic Dinner at ElevenThe benefit takes place on March 18.
  40. Coming Soon
    The NoMad Plans Expanded BarDrinks maker Leo Robitschek is extending his base of operations.
  41. Planned Service Changes
    The NoMad Launches Live Music TonightDust off your fedora.
  42. Scotch Eggs
    The NoMad Will Serve Snacks From Hong Kong Restaurant YardbirdYou’ll have until the end of the year to try the snacks.
  43. Chef Shuffle
    James Kent Named Chef at NoMad, Chris Flint Promoted at EMPThe chefs are settling into their new kitchens right now.
  44. Video Feed
    Watch Daniel Humm Make Schnitzel and Take Shots With Jimmy FallonThere are egg creams, too.
  45. High Steaks
    Bon Appétit Takes a Very Close Look at Dry-Aged BeefGenius, microbes, and fat caps.
  46. Foodievents
    Here’s Your First Look at the Lineup for the 2013 New York City Wine &The blockbuster event is moving out of the meatpacking district this year.
  47. Cookbook
    How to Make Daniel Humm’s Elegant, Excellent Pear Coffee CakeCheck out the three-Michelin-starred chef’s recipe from his new cookbook.
  48. Foodievents
    Daniel Humm Returns to S.F. For Book Signing April 3He’ll be signing books and speaking with James Oseland at the JCC.
  49. Interviews
    Building a Better Mocktail: Leo Robitschek on Innovation and No-Alcohol Drinks“You’re very limited in what you have.”
  50. Restaurant Review
    Platt: The Celebrated Daniel Humm Reinvents Eleven Madison Park—AgainAs you may have heard, Eleven Madison has recently ditched its à la carte concept altogether in favor of an elaborate prix fixe tasting extravaganza.
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