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  1. closings
    Luksus, the Michelin-Starred Restaurant Behind Tørst, Will CloseChef Daniel Burns says he isn’t sure what he’ll do next.
  2. the strategist
    8 New York Chefs on Their Favorite Skillet Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, Kevin Adey of Faro, and more.
  3. Interviews
    Sweet Talk: Chefs Chew Over New York’s Changing Dessert LandscapeKaren DeMasco, Alex Stupak, Brooks Headley, and many others speak up.
  4. Lists
    New York Critic Adam Platt Abandons Anonymity, Tells You Where to Eat“Much of this old magic is gone,” he writes, on the old world of restaurant criticism.
  5. Foodievents
    Matt Orlando and Daniel Burns Teaming Up for ‘Noma Reunited’ DinnerTwo alums of the acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant are getting back together.
  6. Foodievents
    Matt Orlando Among New Nordic Chefs Coming to N.Y. in OctoberPut down those wild-crafted cloudberries, and go get yourself some tickets.
  7. Openings
    A Look at Luksus, Opening July 16 in GreenpointThe 26-seat restaurant in the back of Tørst will eventually also host guest chefs from Copenhagen.
  8. Coming Soon
    Chef Daniel Burns Hiring for Luksus, Tørst’s Back-Room RestaurantThe small kitchen will focus on five-course tasting menus with beer pairings.
  9. Coming Soon
    Tørst Team Will Open the 26-Seat Luksus Restaurant in MayFive courses at first, then maybe ten courses.
  10. What to Drink
    Tørst Opens Tomorrow in Greenpoint — and Beer Lovers Should Start Getting“Everything needs to be over the top … This is the most outrageous, nerdy draft system ever.”
  11. Coming Soon
    Momofuku Labs’ Daniel Burns Opening Beer Bar Tørst in GreenpointThere’s also a 25-seat restaurant in there.