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  1. Food Media
    Dana Cowin Will Step Down As Food & Wine’s Editor-in-ChiefShe’s moving to become the chief creative officer for Chefs Club restaurants.
  2. Lists
    Food & Wine Begins Their Best New Chef Hints, Bowien and VoltaggioAlso, it looks like Jamie Malone of Sea Change in Minneapolis in there too.
  3. Pre-Previews
    Chefs Club, a High-End Version of Guest Chef, Heading to S.F. Later This YearIt’s sort of like a rotating pop-up, but also like a Las Vegas restaurant with a celebrity name attached, only it’s multiple names, and they change every few months.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Food & Wine Editor Dana Cowin Lunches at Bar Tartine to Celebrate NewShe also dined at State Bird, and stopped in at Craftsman & Wolves.
  5. Bookshelf
    Nicolaus Balla and Belinda Leong Featured Among Food & Wine’sA sign of things to come for ‘Best New Chefs’ of 2013?
  6. Spoiler Alert
    Dana Cowin Scoops Her Own ‘Best New Chefs’ AnnouncementHer Twitter tell-all.
  7. Trends
    F&W Puts Out the Call For ‘Pieku’The most overblown foodie trend ever scores ink in ‘F&W’ with a poetic twist.
  8. Awards
    Confirmed: Joshua Skenes Named Best New ChefWe’re calling it: Joshua Skenes is among Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs for 2011.
  9. Culinary Twitterings
    Joshua Skenes Quite Likely Among Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs forAmong Dana Cowin’s Twitter riddles today: ‘Bay Area ale.’
  10. Other Magazines
    Dana Cowin Explains How This People’s Best New Chef Award Will WorkThe ‘Food & Wine’ EIC explains away our confusion about the new power-to-the-people thing they’re doing this year.
  11. Marketing Gimmicks
    Barneys’ Windows Focus on FoodThe Food Network’s president and others give the display windows a foodie makeover.
  12. The New York Diet
    Food & Wine Editor Dana Cowin Makes Up for Light Lunches With“I always try to convince a child to get soft-serve so I can have some of it, but they’re very, very reluctant because they think I’m going to take over their ice cream.”
  13. Contests
    Guess the Best New ChefsWin a chance to attend a ‘Food and Wine’ party.
  14. Slideshow
    A Closer Look at Maialino, One Day InA tour of Danny Meyer’s new restaurant, and early thoughts.
  15. Foodievents
    Battle of the Sexes: Do Male and Female Chefs Cook Differently?Could expert judges tell the difference between dishes made by Alexandra Guarnaschelli and Johnny Iuzzini?
  16. Best New Chefs
    Tweeting #BNCLast night’s ‘Best New Chef’ event inevitably spread to Twitter.
  17. Best New Chefs
    Guess the Best New Chefs’Food & Wine’ is tweeting clues about the identities of this year’s honored chefs.
  18. Top Chef
    Gail’s Bridal ShowerWe discuss the latest episode with the magazine’s esteemed critic.