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Damage Report

  1. Hurricane Sandy
    How to Help: A List of Sandy Benefits and Relief Efforts Happening in New YorkWe’ll continue to update this list as we hear about more benefits.
  2. Damage Report
    Dumpster Diving Downtown, Burgers and Lack of Awareness Uptown“People were coming up from downtown even though there were no Broadway shows for the past few days.”
  3. Damage Report
    TV, Video Games, and Wieners: How Crif Dogs Kept the Lights On After SandyOwner Brian Shebairo is a “doomsday prepper.”
  4. Damage Report
    Coping When They Should Be Cooking: The Impressive Resolve of New York’sEven in the most dire of circumstances, New York’s chefs have a workmanlike approach to getting back on their feet.
  5. Sustenance
    Supermarket Shelves Being Restocked, Albeit SlowlyGetting food to and from stores proves challenging, but not impossible.
  6. Damage Report
    More Sandy Fallout: Momofuku Was Ready, Batali and Bastianich Take a Big HitAnd River Cafe might have gotten the worst of it.
  7. Damage Report
    Red Hook Bars and Restaurants Got It As Bad As You’d GuessRed Hook Lobster Pound, Rocky Sullivan’s, and Fort Defiance are all dealing with the storm’s aftermath.
  8. Damage Report
    Governor Hit Hard by StormTwo Dumbo restaurants took on more than their share of water.
  9. Damage Report
    Sandy Takes Out Mile End’s Production KitchenThe standout deli’s bakery and smoking facility is destroyed.